Put Your Home Food Production on the Fast Track with The [Grow] Network Online Lab

marjory-wildcraft-holding-home-grown-veggiesHow would you like to be a member of a tightly knit community of like-minded people who are focused on growing and preserving their own food and medicine? I know of just such a community – it’s the [Grow] Network Online Lab. And we would be delighted to have you as a member.

Chances are you’ve heard Marjory talk about our Online Lab. In the past we’ve called it the Inner Circle, the Core Community, and the Members Area. The Online Lab is a set of resources dedicated to helping you along the path towards food and medicine self-sufficiency. It’s a collection of books, interviews, videos, and more. There are groups you can participate in, organized by region and by interest. There is a help desk where you can ask a professional Master Gardener for help with your gardening problems. And there are in-depth online courses that we call Expeditions. If you’ve been interested in the Home Medicine 101 course or the Saving Quality Seeds course, those resources and more are included for free for all members of the Online Lab.

Marjory always stresses the fact that the Lab is a work in progress, and we’re always working to add new features and new rich content to make your home food production more efficient and productive. Right now we’re working on region-specific planting calendars, and a new expedition about detoxing contaminated soils. And there are always new features coming down the pipeline.

Right now Marjory is working closely with a developer on an upcoming feature that will allow everyone in the lab to keep a journal detailing the progress of their home food production projects – complete with pictures, drawings, detailed notes and maybe even some video. Marjory wanted to create a tool so that she could journal all of her own projects, and she wanted to make sure that this tool is available to everyone who uses the [Grow] Network Online Lab. Our goal is to allow all of the Lab members to share their experiences and learn from each others’ successes and mistakes.

Here is a list of some of the features you will get when you join the [Grow] Network Online Lab:

• The Gardening Help Desk
• The Home Medicine 101 Expedition
• The Instant Master Gardener Expedition
• The Fast and Easy Bio-Intensive Gardening Expedition
• The Saving Quality Seeds Expedition
• How to Find the Perfect Survival Retreat – eBook and Webinar
• In-Depth Interviews with leaders of the home-grown food movement
• A collection of valuable eBooks you can download or read online
• And much, much more

You can try the [Grow] Network Online Lab risk-free for 30 days. Your first month costs just $1.00 – and if you don’t like it, just contact our customer support team within 30 days using the simple form available in the Lab, and you won’t be charged. After your first month, the membership costs $19.95 per month, billed automatically using the payment method you provide. All proceeds go directly to the [Grow] Network, and will be used to fund our development of new features and content.

Click Here to Join the [Grow] Network Online Lab

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