A Note From Marjory: I’ve Had a Major Breakthrough!

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Hi Friends,

I’ve recently had a major breakthrough.

You know the purpose of The Grow Network? To stop the destruction of the earth. . . . Well, I used to be afraid to even think that to myself—like, how could one middle-aged, half-blind woman expect to get people off their couches, into their backyards, and growing food?

How could I possibly make a difference on this great big planet of ours?

When I really got down into the depths of my soul, I knew that I could not do anything else with my life. And I have decided that I am going to start yelling this from the rooftops: “Stop the destruction of the Earth—commercial ag and conventional meds are so destructive! Homegrown food on every table!”

You and I now have an organization with a bit of traction. We have about 140,000 active and engaged members. The Grow Network is a user-supported platform for the global transfer of ideas and actions to live more sustainably. And we are starting to make a tiny difference.

I know you know people who care like we do. Can you help me spread the word about what The Grow Network does?

I wouldn’t ask you for something without offering something in return. So I’ve created a Refer-a-Friend contest where, for every person you introduce to The Grow Network, you’ll get an entry in a contest to win one of our best-selling products: the “Making Herbal Medicine Kit.” And your friends whom you introduce will get our most popular free 4-part training, which empowers them to become Medicine Women or Medicine Men.

Just sign up and receive a special link, then share that link with all your best friends. You’ll have more people in your life who share your passion involved with TGN, and you could win that herbal medicine kit (there are 5 kits we are giving away). Click this link to get started — and thank you!

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  • Laura Jean Wilde says:

    How can I purchase a kit if I don’t win one?

  • Heather Duro says:

    You can support The Grow Network purchasing products, certifications and memberships here https://store.thegrownetwork.com/shop/

  • Randy says:

    Mother Nature , Speaking for all I hope – Thank you for all that you do to help us learn everyone searches are not for the same. But you have gone out have folks that have answers . You could have just done this for yourself, but you are not that type of person. Myself , I’m watch us destroy the world. And worse part some say everything came from the ocean. Deepwater Dumping has become a toxic wasteland. It’s all dead. They are to scared to tell the truth. But the food chain has been changed. I hope it never happens. But that why I have found this great site and everyone wants to help. So there is more you learn. But I say “Thank You”

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