Look Who’s Speaking At The Mother Earth News Homesteading Summit This Weekend!

There’s just 48 hours left to watch the Mother Earth News Homesteading Summit!

(You can still register to watch here www.HomesteadingSummit.com)

Starting today with one of the biggest names in permaculture design in the world, he is quite literally the ROCK STAR of permaculture…

I’m talking about Geoff Lawton, who is bringing us his NEW FILM being seen here for the first time anywhere:

“Greening The Desert Journey.”

You won’t want to miss this!

Plus, we’ve got 4 MORE exciting presentations for you… on home chicken processing … increasing your garden yields… more efficient heating options for your home… and more!

Watch at www.HomesteadingSummit.com

But that’s just Saturday…

Because then on Sunday, starting at 9:00 a.m. EST, we have an entirely new lineup of speakers waiting for you!


  • 7 Ways To Garden And Get Paid
  • Working With Natural Systems to Grow Abundance
  • What It’s Like To Attend A Primitive Skills Gathering
  • How To Build A Better Chicken
  • Start A Sustainable Bee Keeping Revolution
  • Predator ID: Who Killed Your Chicken

It’s going to be another great day, so don’t miss it!

Watch at www.HomesteadingSummit.com

Remember, you can still register to watch FREE at www.HomesteadingSummit.com

Just 48 hours to go before the Summit is over…

And then on Monday and Tuesday, Nov 7th and 8th, we’ll be bringing back 5 of the most popular presentations as voted on by our audience, for 48 hours of ENCORE DAYS!

So register to make sure you don’t miss that, either!

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