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It’s easy to get stuck in a garden rut.

It doesn’t matter if you just can’t seem to get started gardening, or you’ve been at it for years . . . sometimes you keep doing the same old things because you’re not sure what else to try.

That’s why my good friend and colleague, Stacey Murphy, is hosting a free online event: the 2nd annual Garden Hack Summit, which airs July 25-29. (Yes, it starts this Wednesday!)

During this global event, more than a dozen garden visionaries will share tips and tricks that help you revitalize your garden. This summit is designed to help you improve your homegrown harvests while saving precious time, energy, and resources.

Sign up for the free event here.

This is a community of presenters who have tried all sorts of techniques in the garden. They have found ways to simplify LIFE . . . and they want to share their hard-earned knowledge with YOU.

I’ll be there, presenting on how to “Grow Half the Animal Protein for a Family of 4 in 10 Minutes Per Day.”

And I hope you’ll join me in listening in on these other interesting, ultra-useful presentations at the Summit:

•  Stacey Murphy: 10 Tips for Delicious Tomatoes and MORE of Them!
•  Crystal Meserole: How to Grow a NONSTOP Supply of Nutrient-Dense Greens
•  David the Good: Super Easy Composting
•  Greg Peterson: Tap Into Nature’s Compost System to Simplify Life in the Garden
•  Kami McBride: 3 Easy Rituals to Transform Your Herbs Into Everyday Wellness
•  Michael Kilpatrick: Seed Starting 101 — Perfect Garden Transplants Every Time
•  Amy Landers: Garden With Kids WITHOUT Crushing Plants, Complaining, and Chaos
•  Tom Bartels: Supercharge Your SOIL to Avoid Pests and Diseases
•  Jason Matyas: Planning Your Fall Garden to Maximize Your Growing Season
•  Vail Dixon: How to Work Together WITH Your Weeds to Improve Your Garden
•  Bill Osuch: Hydroponic Growing for Beginners — Technology Made Simple
•  Bret James: Visionary Garden Planning — More Harvest With Less Work
•  Leila Mireskandari: Let Your KIDS Do the Garden to Build Confidence & Better Eating for Life

(And remember, those presentations about gardening with kids are just as useful when you’re gardening with grandkids!)

Sometimes, just making a simple, easy shift can get huge results.

And with the top garden visionaries gathered together, you might even double your yield!

Will you join me?

Reserve your spot at the Garden Hack Summit now.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention: One of the coolest things about this Summit is that Stacey will be hosting it as a LIVE broadcast. That means that in between the presentations, you can ask questions and receive garden mentorship, so you’ll want to try to tune in to as many live presentations as you can.

And don’t worry if you aren’t available to tune in every day of the event. Registering for the summit now gives you access to 24-hour free replays.

Discover how you can get higher yields, higher nutrient density, and still have time to sit and enjoy your garden, relaxing with a fresh herbal iced tea in your hands!

Register today to get more fresh, clean food on your table!

Hope to see you there!


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