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How to Access Your Materials

TGN Assistance

TGN Academy Access

Academy access

Full Spectrum CBD

Full Spectrum CBD

Isolate CBD

Isolate CBD

CBD Soft Gels

Hemp Gels

Elderberry Syrup Kit




DIY CBD Lotion Kit


Strong & Sexy Herbs

Strong and Sexy

Making Herbal Medicine

Making Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine - Lesson 2

MHMK Lesson 2

Herbal Medicine - Lesson 3

MHMK Lesson 3

Herbal Medicine - Lesson 4

MHMK Lesson 4

Herbal Medicine - Lesson 5

MHMK Lesson 5

Herbal Medicine - Lesson 6

MHMK Lesson 6

Herbal Medicine - Lesson 7

MHMK Lesson 7

Herbal Medicine - Lesson 8

MHMK Lesson 8

Kidney Wrap

Kidney Wrap

Tooth Powder [Recipe]

tooth powder ingredients

Tooth Powder [Video]


How to Make Fire Cider

DIY Fire Cider

DIY Calming Oat Tops Tincture

          Biodynamic Calendula Salve Kit

The Grow System

Equisetum Hyemale

Paracord Bracelet

          Off-Grid Survival Toolkit

Tomatoes: Seed to Sauce

Compost & Soil Fertility Toolkit

Milky Oats Challenge

Sun Tea

sun tea

Holistic Dental Masterclass

holistic dental package

DIY Bug Repelling Sunscreen

Rosehip and Marshmallow Syrup

Bentonite and Charcoal Mask

Wool Shoe Inserts

Golden Milk

Golden milk

Comfrey Salve

Sweet Annie

Sweet Annie herbs
Tension Tamer
Equisetum hyemale Plants
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