Inner-City Urban Surthrival: Cost Efficient Way To Eat The Best High Nutrient Food

I want to eat the best food the right way so that I can function optimally.

I live in an inner city hotel on a very small retirement check and am not able to grow my own garden. According to highly intelligent geniuses who have graduate degrees in cellular biology eating organic and grass fed whole foods raw and taking the super food concentrates is the way to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I weigh 180lbs, do both strength and cardio exercising, so I need 600g carbs, 72g protein, and 35g fat daily.

Raw whole dried cane sugar, called sucanet, grown traditionally, costs just 1 cent per 2 grams at the natural grocery store.

Over ripe bananas are just 25 cents/lb. I also eat the peel. The dark spots are not rot. They are actually a beneficial phytochemical. More of the fiber is changed to starch and more of the starch is changed to sugar in an over ripe peel. 1/3 of the calories and 4/5 of the nutrients are in the peel.

When taking the sucanet I just add water and either barley grass or moringa leaf powders for fiber and additional nutrients.

I also walk on the downtown mall where I find delicious leftover food cooked in restaurants in the trash cans. I eat the average food that doesn’t contain any harmful substances. I am not trying to be perfect. I am an opportunist who is trying to be practical. I pretend I am a 4 year old cave boy who is learning to live naturally as God intended. I pray to the souls of my hunter gatherer ancestors to coach me. They tell me to gather God’s goodies and hunt for bargains.

They also tell me to meditate on the virtues so I can acquire good moral character and achieve peace of mind, not an easy task after a lifetime of being bogged down in civilizations ludicrous hype, like everybody else.

The mall performers are entertaining. Good hearted people give me food, clothing, and sometimes even money. I dress brightly. I am trying to be a colorful character.

I bought 44lbs. non denatured unflavored whey concentrate for protein and cysteine for 2 cents/gram. 5lbs. from the same company costs twice as much per gram. Cysteine is the limiting factor in glutathione production. Cooking denatures cysteine so it has to be raw. Glutathione also makes redox signaling molecules. I take 3 scoops a day with raw cocoa powder, colostrum, natural fermented b complex, creatine monohydrate, and beta alanine.

Like Liberace once said, ” The more extravagant the better”. Hormones and cellular walls are made from fats. They need to be in the right ratios and proper dosages for optimal functioning. For fats and fat soluble nutrients I take 20ml/day unrefined red palm oil, 15g/day black chia seeds, 7ml/day fish oil for pets, and 3ml/day raw fermented skate liver oil.

The super food of super foods are red and yellow onions. The 2 most important phytochemicals are quercetin and resveratrol. They make intracellular signaling molecules for energy production in the mitochondria. Quercetin only works for 4 hours so continuous replenishment is required.

For quercetin I grind up 4oz. organic red or yellow onion in the food processor, wait 15 minutes for the beneficial polysulfides to form, they make hydrogen sulfide gas that expand capillaries, dissolve plaque, and kill pathogens, add water to make a quart, and take 1 cup 4/day.

The supporting phytochemicals for quercetin are EGCG from moringa, anthocyanins from black currants, and special sulfurs from premium or fresh harvest high potency maca. Maca also activates the pituitary/ hypothalamus axis. The supporting phytochemicals for resveratrol are the stillbenes. Yucca root has both. I take 1 tsp. yucca root powder 1/day.

Besides increasing energy they extend life span 30%. The super foods I take, in addition to the ones previously mentioned, are freeze dried, wild harvested acerola, noni and mangosteen powders, fresh burdock and turmeric root, mushroom and kelp extracts, and many more.

For additional phytochemicals I soak whole spices in raw vinegar and lemon peels in water. So for all you nature lovers who study creation and adore creatures here’s to functioning optimally even for a poor messed up old guy who lives in an inner city hotel.


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