High-Performance Garden Show: First Harvest (Season 7, Episode 3)

Watch (and learn!) as Lynn Gillespie—an organic farmer for over 30 years and owner of The Living Farm in Paonia, CO—plans, plants, tends, and harvests a high-performance garden.

Lynn has a unique “learn along with me” garden teaching system. You will actually get to see everything she does in her garden for an entire growing season, as she seeks to produce enough food so that she can eat something she’s grown every day for a year.

Below is the next episode in the season. (And stay tuned, as Lynn will have another update every week!)

Episode 3: First Harvest

This week, we get our first harvest and learn which seeds are safe for our gardens.

Additional Resources

The Living Farm eCourses

Stay tuned! We’ll be publishing a new episode in this series weekly!

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