High-Performance Garden Show, Week 11: Trellis Your Tomatoes Like a Pro

Watch (and learn!) as Lynn Gillespie—an organic farmer for over 30 years and owner of The Living Farm in Paonia, CO—plans, plants, tends, and harvests a high-performance garden.

Lynn has a unique “learn along with me” teaching style, and her goal for her garden is to produce enough food so that she can eat something she’s grown every day for a year.

Follow along with the ups and downs of this experienced gardener. It will be just like being in the garden with her!

And stay tuned, as Lynn will have another update every week.

Week 11: Trellis Your Tomatoes Like a Pro

This week, watch how Lynn ties up her tomatoes on a simple PVC trellis system. Plus, learn the importance of an organic garden. 

Learn to make your own trellis system here.


Note: To pick up a copy of the complete educational course that goes with this series, click here.

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Stay tuned! We’ll be publishing a new episode in this series weekly!

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  • pmicd says:

    Manufacturing Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) is highly toxic to the environment. Please do not use new PVC. Re-using old PVC is fine but creating new PVC is creating severe pollution. Think about the name for a minute. Then please stop buying or promoting this stuff. Use something else.

  • Mary says:

    I really enjoyed your video. It’s so much easier watching and listening to instructions instead of just telling what to do without showing it. I garden organically too. This was my first and last yr. to grow broccoli and cabbage. They were all sheered down to the stem before I even knew I had a problem. I’m sure it was the cabbage moth, which is now many moths. When I saw the first one, I sprayed with insecticidal soap. When that didn’t help, I changed to Bt. That didn’t help either. Can you please tell me what I can do! I have a lot of kale out there. They’re munching on it, but I planted a lot so have hope I will get some to eat if I know how to combat the moths. Thank you.

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