High-Performance Garden Show, Episode #8: Feeding the Garden

Watch (and learn!) as Lynn Gillespie—an organic farmer for over 25 years and owner of The Living Farm in Paonia, CO—plans, plants, tends, and harvests a high-performance garden.

Lynn has a unique “learn along with me” garden teaching system. Her goal for her garden is to produce enough food so that she can eat something she’s grown every day for a year.

Season 5 of the High-Performance Garden Show will focus on stopping the garden struggle and purposefully manufacturing your health. Lynn wants to show people how easy it is to grow their own food; to add enjoyment to their nutrient-dense life; and to give them life skills they can pass down to the next generation.

Follow along with the ups and downs of this experienced gardener. It will be just like being in the garden with her!

Click here to watch all 5 seasons of the High-Performance Garden Show.

And stay tuned, as Lynn will have another update every week.

Week 8: Feeding the Garden

Do you ever wonder what you should feed your garden? This is a great video to show you how to ensure your plants are properly fed.

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Additional Resources

  • The Abundance Garden eCourse is the instruction manual for the High-Performance Garden Show. Learn everything you need to know to grow enough food to eat all year! (Use the coupon code TGN20 to get $50.00 Off!)
  • Timing is critical. To determine the best time to plant vegetables in your region, click here.
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Stay tuned! We’ll be publishing a new episode in this series weekly!

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  • Bobbie Jo says:

    Thanks, Lynn, especially for letting us know that yellow leaves at the bottom of a plant might be macro-nutrient deficiency and at the top of plant micro-nutrient deficiency. I thought yellow leaves at the bottom of a plant was usually from too much water. Even if that’s the case I think your information will help me know better what my plants are telling me. Thanks again.

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