(video) How To Grow Sunflowers And Meet A Modern Day Johnny Appleseed

Meet a modern day “Johnny Appleseed”.  Scott Wright, is passionate about sunflowers – and he wants to give you seed.  “Scotty Sunflower Seed” as he is known has been drawn to working with these plants as a spiritual journey.   I met Scott at a primitive skills gathering where he was using this gigantic sunflower stalk for a walking stick, and offering bags of seed to anyone who would promise to grow them.  So I got a few minutes with him on film talking about how to grow them, how much water they need, fertility requirements, etc.  And I’ve been inspired to grow some myself.

Actually, I’ve always wanted to grow more sunflowers as this is a very important form of calories that are heat and drought resistant.  If you recall, the seeds are a viable source for home-scale oil pressing.

Scotty’s FB page is at https://www.facebook.com/Life.Illuminated his photos are just stunning!  And I mean really stunning.

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