(video) Hottest Small Business To Watch – Or Start Yourself

If you are looking for fast success, then create a business that sells a product people are knocking down the doors to get.

So what business might that be?  Where do you find it?

Check out this interview I did with Justin Rohner who is the owner of iAgriscape.com.  I met Justin at Arizona’s huge PrepperFest which is an amazing gathering you should try to get to if you are in the area.  Justin has created a business that answers a question I get all the time – “Marjory, could you come by my home and show me what to plant so my yard is edible?”.

But Justin and iAgriscapes takes it to a whole other level in that iAgriscapes has a  certification program which is creating a network of businesses across the country who are transforming yards into elegant edible landscapes.

I wish the lighting had been better but the interview was so amazing I just had to get this out.

You can reach Justin and iAgriscapes at www.iAgriscapes.com

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