Holistic Doctor Explains: Why You Should Cultivate Weeds

Did you know that many predacious weeds can be medicinal too?

Since they can grow easily and possibly take over your yard, if you’re not careful, make sure you know their uses before throwing them away.

I joined my friend, Dr. Patrick Jones, Veterinarian and Naturopath at HomeGrownHerbalist.net, to explain the pros and cons of cultivating weeds on your property in your garden.

In case you haven’t heard, many weeds are great for your mental and physical health.

I’ve seen advertisements for dandelion root tea, mullein leaf, and horsetail recently. Many people claim that these few weeds are good for your liver, kidney, lung, and overall health. Maybe we should change our response to weeds, huh?

Last summer, I hiked parts of Colorado with my gluten-sensitive assistant. Lol made her keep a lookout for cattail. Then before our hiking adventures were over, I made her a yummy gluten-free pie. Nature is literally the gift that keeps on giving. Let me know if I should share my cattail pie recipe.

You can learn how to find medicinal plants in your yard by joining The Grow Network’s Academy here: https://academy.thegrownetwork.com/   

Take care!
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