Have You Ever Wasted a Perfectly Good Tomato?

Never Waste Another Tomato


You work long hours in the garden, pruning and picking at your plants in the sun and in the rain. You wrestle with countless pests, from white flies and aphids to squirrels and gophers. You stick to your schedule and make sure that you give your plants all of the water and fertilizer they need to produce big juicy fruits. And then the moment of truth comes when you sink your teeth into the sweetest apple, the juiciest grape, or the most mouthwatering tomato that you’ve ever tasted. Success!

The only downside is that many of the plants we grow for food yield their fruit all at once, in one big harvest that comes only once a year. You end up with a short abundance. You eat as much as you can, and you happily trade or gift some of the harvest. But all too often, some of your bounty does not get consumed in time. It spoils on the counter top, in the pantry, or in the refrigerator.

You work too hard for this healthy, nutritious, homegrown food to let it go to waste. And this is why preservation is one of the most valuable skills that any gardener or farmer can learn.

Learning the Art of Canning

Canning is an ideal way to preserve the hard-won fruits of your labor. And Kendra Lynne is truly an expert on canning. She has put together an excellent instructional DVD that covers everything you need to know to get started. It’s called At Home Canning for Beginners and Beyond, and I think you will love it.

You will probably remember Kendra from the Home Grown Food Summit. She gave a great presentation called “How To Preserve Food – Water Bath and Pressure Canning”. Kendra’s presentation was a huge hit and it generated a flood of positive feedback and appreciation from members of the [Grow] Network.

Well now we want to share more of Kendra’s knowledge and expertise about canning. The DVD she has produced is loaded with valuable information about water bath canning and pressure canning. And the scope of this DVD is really impressive. Here are some of the foods you’ll learn how to preserve:

• Apple Jelly
• Applesauce
• Blueberry Pie Filling
• Grape Juice
• Spaghetti Sauce
• Green Beans
• Dried Beans
• Ground Beef
• Chicken
• Chile con Carne
• Chicken Soup
• Beef Stew

Kendra is a great teacher. She works at a comfortable pace, and she explains what you should do at home to make sure you get each step exactly right. She gives a lot of good background information, and she explains why each step is done as it is. Kendra talks in depth about the differences you will experience in different environments and at different altitudes. She even covers the reusable Tattler lids that can be a nice money saver for home canners.

Great for Veteran Canners Too

There is plenty of good content for experienced canners as well. Kendra shares several recipes that any seasoned canner will be glad to have, and she even offers up alternatives and variations for many of them. The recipes covered include fruits, vegetables, and even meats.

This is truly one of the best resources you will find on this subject. Follow Kendra’s safe and easy methods, and you will learn to preserve a huge variety of different foods right now, at home, in your very own kitchen. Her clear instruction will get you working quickly, so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labor all year long, every year.

This great resource is available for $19.95, plus $2.50 shipping and handling. As one of Kendra’s business partners, the Grow Network will receive a percentage of each purchase made through this promotion. Don’t let one more vegetable spoil on your counter top – get started now, and you’ll be glad you did.

As Kendra says, “Canning isn’t as complicated as it sounds. I’m here to show you just how fun and easy preserving your foods can be!”

Click Here to Order At Home Canning for Beginners and Beyond


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  • Jack says:

    I would like to order the canning DVD, but I don’t use PayPal. In other method of payment available? Thanks, jack

    1. Michael Ford says:

      Hi Jack – You can buy this with a debit card or credit card. After you click “Checkout with Paypal” you’ll get some options inside that let you choose your preferred method of payment.

  • Vic says:

    I don’t have a Paypal account to buy stuff. I only use it to receive.

    1. Michael Ford says:

      Hi Vic – You don’t need a PayPal account to buy this. It’s a little bit confusing, but after you click “Checkout with Paypal” you get an option inside that says “Pay with a debit or credit card, or PayPal Credit.”

  • John says:

    Green Tomato Relish Recipe

    25 to 35 sm. Green tomatoes
    3 med. Green bell peppers
    2 med. Red sweet peppers
    3 med. Onions
    Salt Brine
    4 C. Sweetener [Not Honey]
    3 TBS Mustard Seed
    3 TBS Celery seed

    Chop all veggies / put in (2) 1-Qt jars
    Pak w/Kraut Pounder
    Add Mustard & Celery layered w/Vegies
    Pak w/Kraut Pounder
    Pour Salt brine to cover
    Top w/olive oil [Very Thin Layer]
    Seal w/screw on top
    3 to 5 days in a cool area / burp daily
    Store in fridge or basement

  • Billie says:

    I understand you are offering a DVD. But deaf and hard-of-hearing people cannot hear what you are saying on a DVD without open caption. Why don’t you put this information in a book? Thanks.

  • janet walker says:

    is this dvd closed captioned for the deaf? i would love to have it ~ but i am deaf & if it is not closed captioned- i do not want to waste my money. thank you for the information.

    1. Michael Ford says:

      Hi Janet – I checked with Kendra and the DVD does not have closed captions. She said she’ll add them on the next printing. She mentioned that if you have a Ball Blue Book of Canning, you could use that for the instructions and follow along with her video for demonstration purposes.

      Very sorry for the inconvenience 🙂

  • LeRoy says:

    Does this cover wild game such as deer, elk etc?

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