How I Almost Lost My Leg

What if I told you that one of the most powerful keys to health was so simple, you could do it with your eyes closed? 😉

Yes, I’m trying to be funny …

… Because the fourth key to health is sleep!

Amazingly, one in three Americans is sleep deprived, and that leads to low productivity, bad decisions—and accidents.

Ask me how I know.

A little while back, I was living through a really grueling month. I wasn’t getting enough sleep. I was exhausted. And, honestly, I was making bad decisions.

That lack of sleep almost ended up costing me a leg.

I tell the story in my fourth video chapter of Grow: All True Wealth Comes From the Ground.

Click Here to Watch the Video.

You’ll also learn:

  • 3 Steps to Falling Asleep—When You Can’t Fall Asleep!
  • Sleep Hygiene: What It Is And Why It Matters
  • The No. 1 Cure for Anxiety (Hint: It’s NOT Sleep)

Then, if you would, leave me a note and tell me about your experiences with sleep (or the lack of it!).

When you don’t get enough sleep, do you notice any negative effects?

How has sleep helped you heal?

I can’t wait to read your comments below!

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  • Linda Bittle says:

    Sleep is so important! I have trouble falling asleep sometimes, and it does make me stupid the next day. I’m a worrier. It’s hard to shut off my brain when there’s something in my life that is especially stressful. Job issues, mostly, since I live alone with 2 cats. (Well, and I like to read far too late, sometimes, too.)

  • Darleen Snyder (Arkansas) says:

    Marjory, I know this is off subject. But I wanted to Thank You for your Summits, I always learn so much from them. I was very Happy with 2017 summit on soil, It was your best yet. After all soil is the base of all living things. I knew using Store bought fertilizer was not the answer. I just could not find the answer as to what to put in to give me healthy soil. YOUR SUMMIT GAVE ME ALL THE ANSWERS I NEEDED. I am so Appreciative of all that you do to help us learn. I can only guess at how much work you and your group must go through. I am very happy that you do this for us. And I want to say THANK YOU. Please do write a book, I would be Happy to own it.

    1. Ellen says:

      Darlene, you’ve said so perfectly what I’ve been wanting to say to thank Marjory for the latest terrific summit, so I want to add my thanks and appreciation.

      1. Jenny says:

        Me too. Thank you Marjory <3

  • jennifer says:

    Marjory, I am a living product of what not to do for the sleep chapter. Through many traumatic events I have developed insomnia. I truly believe if I had taken care of my mental health years ago as well as my physical I wouldn’t be dealing with so many health issues. I use meditation to try and sleep (head space), as well as what you mentioned getting up and for me means walking around for a few minutes. I dont always have the opportunity to take a nap but that sure makes up for the little sleep I get at night. Where we differ is as mind mind runs and doesnt let go, I learned to allow it to think of subjects I used to fight to ignore. This helps move on quicker at least for the moment. Best medicine for anxiety; belly breathing(releases relaxing chemicals, verses chest breathing releases chemicals that make fight or flight – hyperventilation and just plain not good with anxiety), sleep, nutrition, exercise. When you say breathing, I assume you mean mild to full blown panic attack from stressors that need calming. In these instances I find deliberate physical distraction, forcing myself to say a quote repetitively, read out loud for a minute. or have someone else tell you three random numbers and recite them back looking at a specific object or the person helps narrow your awareness of your surroundings. (hyper-vigilance) All while belly breathing, focusing on trying to breath with your hand on your belly can be a great distraction too. Well I hope those tips help someone in the future, I had to learn the long an hard way and that is not a path a I recommend for anyone if it can be avoided.

  • Cinda says:

    A few years ago, my counselor husband wad going through a particularly grueling work schedule. He has sleep apnea and takes a couple of meds for chronic health concerns. He had a checkup, at which time his doctor said they would boost all of his meds because the current dosages did not seem effective. I mentioned this odd situation to the pharmacist and then we began chatting about how he was working longer hours, was under a burden of stress and his sleep apnea was worse. He began to ask me questions. He finally told me to ask my husband to return to the doctor, fully explain his sleep/anxiety problems and ask him to treat that before the meds were adnusted. He then explained that it is during deep sleep that many metabolic processes allow meds to be processed usefully. Wow, what wisdom! By addressing the true cause of his problem, he didn’t need additional meds and began to feel better quickly. Sleep is not a luxury, but a physical necessity!

  • Shasha says:

    Low oxygen in the brain can cause depression/anxiety/no sleep/obsessing/panic/suicidal thoughts. No gluten may help heal the gut lining so more nutrients absorb which rebuild cells to burn oxygen. Valerian/Osteoprocare and more before bed helps my sleep.

  • David Lee says:

    When I can’t sleep and my mind is running 90 to nothing, I get up turn on the tv to some really dull program and turn the volume down so I can bearly hear it and this seems to help. My dog loves it because he gets up and lays with me.

  • M. says:

    Marjory, you are so right about needing that “beauty sleep”. I know for myself that I become ugly verbally when I do not get enough sleep. I LOVE the idea about taking a nap every day.

    I used to teach high school girls. After lunch classes were difficult. I joked with my students saying, “Remember when you were in kindergarten and you had your little nap pad? Think of how much you HATED nap time. Don’t you wish you could have nap time today?”

    Maybe a lot of the world’s ugliness and problems would diminish if more folks took the time to sleep well! Thank you for this important message. And I’m glad you did NOT lose your leg.

  • Carmelle says:

    Thank you Marjory! I really enjoy your segment. There is no doubt, a good night sleep is the key for an enjoyable day.

  • Liana McCoy says:

    I pretty much divorced myself from the rat race, the pressures within it, and to participate in it. Sure I get really super busy on the farm and I get tired, but I make way less mistakes (dangerous ones anyways) now than I did when I worked a job outside the farm trying to juggle all of it by myself and listening to others say you need to do this or that, etc. The biggest thing is to listen to your body and intuition impaired sleep or not I find I make my worse mistakes when I allow others and the ‘rat race’ of life dictate to me when and how much to do. Plus, my body has always been in charge of when to ‘quit’ and get sleep more times than not. I really try to pace myself more and do jobs accordingly. As a wise person said once, “The job or task will always be there until you get it done.”

    I know being out in the heat exhausts a person much quicker too. My partner Jim and I have been eating hemp seed in our breakfast in the morning. I have noticed after a couple of weeks that I have way more energy then I use to. It’s the only thing i have changed in my diet at this point. In all seriousness how can a person function normally whatever that is when we are being barged by all sorts of chemicals in the ground, air, water, the weather modification, and all the electromagnetic fields from all the handy gadgets whether we use them or not. This is my 2 cents worth of advice. 🙂

  • jaye says:

    I find that sleep is restorative in a mental sense, too. When something really bad happens, I have a hard time not obsessing over it. If I take a nap, it puts some distance between the event and the present and helps me be a little more objective and not so emotional. I am closer to being able to act, not just reacting emotionally.

  • Peggylynn says:

    Being caretaker for my husband, who sleeps right next to me in a king sized bed, has taught me much about my need for good sleep. I would wake with each issue that he woke with. My sleep was compromised, waking so often through the night that I lost count. The fact that he means so much to me and my love and concern for him is what hooked me into overly reacting. The irony was that I found myself becoming less patient, more irritated and even subconsciously annoyed at him throughout the day. He was frustrated by his needs and dependence on me, and when he felt my exhausted energy, he stated that it would be best for him to just die and end all this craziness. Well, that hit hard, and brought me to an awareness that something needed to change. We have used central channel breathing, visualizations, meditation, yoga and initiated various healthy changes that has turned everything around. I have learned to sleep deeper, with a sense of trusting and allowing him his experiences, as well as knowing a Source far more powerful than me, enfolds him. I have so much loving energy throughout the day, that all that we each feel is an
    unconditional loving support and understanding of one another.

  • Daniel says:

    I’m envious of your cat lying on your bed sleeping!!! I haven’t slept in two days. I’m a wreck! I refuse to take medication but need help with this!

    1. Daniel says:

      I also unplug my wifi router and have a cool dark bedroom but refuse to go to bed if I’m not sleepy because I’ll toss and turn in frustration. I’ve aquired some deep breathing exercises and will start tonight. This condition is very hazardous for my health.
      I use acupuncture and walk a lot during the day. But still can’t sleep.

      1. Lanna says:

        One thing you might consider getting tested for are heavy metals. I am in my mid 60’s and for several years was battling very poor sleep, trying several OTC products, including Melatonin, Valerian, and eventually cried to my doctor to “please give me a prescription” so ended up taking “poison” to get me some sleep. Eventually I got wiser about RX’s and quit them, but still had problems. I finally found a doctor who believes in natural methods and FINALLY got tested for heavy metals. I found out I was nearly off the charts with lead toxicity, high in cadmium, mercury and aluminum. Been following a protocol of various nutritional supplements recommended by my holistic physician and exercised extreme patience, but levels are coming down, my sleep much improved, and the accompanying anxiety and depression issues are not nearly what they used to be. I am back to using Valerian and Melatonin which seem to take care of those times when anxiety &/or depression creep in. Of COURSE (!!) I have been working on improving my diet with organic foods, drinking filtered water, and doing my best to get good exercise, but I am fairly convinced that the heavy metals have wreaked havoc on my overall well being. For what it’s worth…

  • kathy says:

    Everything you share here about sleep is totally right on. I think we’ve all experienced how the lack of sleep affects us in negative ways.
    I have started drinking Golden Milk every night before bed. It truly has made a difference in how deeply I sleep. I would encourage everyone to check it out. It’s made with a turmeric paste that you make ahead and add to the milk with other add in that you choose. I use cinnamon, ginger, honey. Heat it just to where it’s still drinkable, but doesn’t burn the mouth. I don’t heat the honey. It’s in my mug waiting for the heated milk.

  • Pam says:

    lack of sleep is a common issue for me and very frustrating. Sometimes I go for two or three days with only a couple of hours and then sleep for about 12 hours or so, but never a constant uninterrupted sleep. I have a medical condition which means I wake up on average about every two hours and frequently it’s almost impossible to get back to sleep after waking up. I wont use pharmaceuticals and didn’t notice that valerian helped. Maybe chamomile tea…

    I try the breathing techniques and sometimes they help , but certainly not always. I stress about it but have no idea what else to do. Sometimes it seems as though as soon as I hit the bed I wake up, or if I am just about to drift off a huge mosquito shows up and starts to divebomb and that wakes me up again.

    I don’t know how to get away from the stresses in my life at present, I can’t think of anything I can do to solve them. No doubt that doesn’t help. I do nap when I can for as long as I can. That helps but sometimes it may actually make it harder to sleep later.

  • Sue says:

    Since I’ve gotten older I’ve had more sleep problems. Melatonin helps me. So does conscious breathing. A purring cat near my chest helps immeasurably. Blocking out racing thoughts can be a problem. Concentrating on a steady sound sometimes helps me. I’ve used the whirring of a fan or rainfall. I’ve even used the whooshing sound in my ears (tinnitus, I think). When I am very tired I cry easily, like a small child. I try to avoid that!

  • Barbara Fuller says:

    I am having a hard time sleeping for this year but for a week have gotten some good rest but still woken at night for 2 nights I ha e tried something’s I will try what you have suggested I have done some of this but not lately thank you much I am an affiliate of The GREEN SMOOTHIE GIRL If at all possible can you tell others if I can later see d you the links

  • Sherra says:

    An awesome reminder for us all!! Thanks Marjory!!! I actually got some extra sleep this morning after being under the weather earlier this week and I awoke refreshed and feeling so much better. Just an extra hour, how it helps start the day and the mood off right! 🙂

  • Evelyn says:

    Hubby and I have not slept well in years, til a few months ago, when we decided to try some chelated magnesium along with our fermented cod liver oil at nite, and WOW! It has made a big difference! We also just started a high dose Vit C protocol has helped with energy levels…feeing better than I had in years…blessings…

  • Pat Milone says:

    I often had difficulty getting to sleep, or getting back to sleep after waking in the middle of the night. I would never resort to medication, so I tried a Buddhist chant a friend taught me … silently I repeated the words “Nam Myoho Rengue Kyo”. That worked for awhile, until it became rote, as I did not know the meaning. I decided to use healing words I knew to try to encourage all the cells in my body in a positive way. I chose Relax, Refresh, Renew, Restore. I repeated these four words silently like a chant, conscious of my breathing as I developed a comfortable rhythm. When I awoke I realized that it worked. It kept me from thinking about tomorrow, next week, next year. And it’s still working!

  • Linda Shute says:

    Marjory love your video and I agree with everything you said. As for myself when I can’t sleep I love to use lavender oil sometimes essential oil or an infused oil that I make myself from the flowers and any message type oil such as olive, jojoba, grapeseed or almond oils will work.

    I also love your summits.

  • Reen says:

    What a great presentation! I have tried the deep breathing and visualization with great success. All thoughts are concentrated on “my magical place”. It is a garden that I will never have but is so peaceful and beautiful with birds singing and insects making their pretty songs. It is very aromatic with butterflies and lady bugs and even a small rabbit. I fall asleep quickly and have happy thoughts and dreams all night. Many years ago I worked a graveyard shift and found this the only way to teach my body to sleep when the sun was just rising. Thank you for your v

  • Janis says:

    We share much of the same philosophy concerning health and wellness. I too have recovered from serious injury and illness and feel that my experience in discovering what really works has been more valuable than my medical training. I enjoy your emails and would be happy to help you with your book in any way that I can.

  • George says:

    try taking CDS for everything

  • Karen says:

    i really loved this video – especially your cat LOL. Seriously, I do have trouble sleeping at times. usually I will just get up, walk around, maybe see if I am able to read, have some water, hope one of the cats will drop by, purring, and, then mostly i will just fall asleep. Who knows what was happening. The bad experiences are those when my mind goes to work, big time and I might as well just ‘call it a night’. that’s when nothing works, so the advice about deep breathing,is the best and trying to figure out how to just let go of whatever it is keeping me awake. I would also like to say that even if i drop off and awaken 8 hours later my sleep may not have been that relaxing and i dont recall you mentioning that – maybe you did and I missed it. those are the mornings when i am afraid to look in the mirror, i.e. Who the heck is this 68 yr old babe that looks it today! LOL my whole day is usually shot. As for naps – mid-afternoon as frequently as I can, and usually with the puppy. Thank you for this video. Well done and i would not hesitate to transcribe, word for word, except – sometimes humour is difficult to transcribe from visual to written, but I do hope you can do.

  • Lynne says:

    You mentioned thinking about your garden when trying to sleep …when I do that I start thinking about all the things I want to do out there and then I can’t sleep ..haha

    When I do get out there in the garden for a couple of hours though I find it so de-stressing that I usually get a good sleep after … provided of course I don’t start plotting my next gardening session ..haha

    As for no electronics in the bedroom it is a good idea though I do listen to books on tape through my phone … I set the timer for 15 minutes and more often than not I’m out before the 15 min are up … I must be addicted to this as the nights I don’t start off listening to the book it seems to take foreever to fall asleep so I usually end up turning the book on and them I’m out before I know it … kind of like being a kid and having a book read to me, I guess ..haha

  • Stacy L. Marcucci says:

    Very good advice for everyone. I would also add no computers after 7:00. Advice from my Dr. that really works. I wish I could say I follow religiously, but not always. Then I pay the price.
    I have a lot of joint pain, so exercising even a little is key to keep me flexible and pain free. Light weights with stretching has really changed my sleep!!! Also watching foods that can cause inflammation and doing a total body cleanse.
    Keep up the wonderful work you’re doing!!!

  • Karon Knauss says:

    Very well done! Sleep is so underappreciated! I found the speed to be perfect. A f more suggestions of pre-sleep drinks etc. would be appreciated. I know of turmeric milk and nettle tea and am sure there are others. While chamomile is good, I don’t care for it enough to drink it every night. That is just a matter of personal taste.
    I did not know about stretching being a sleep aid. Muscle aches are a large part of what interrupts my sleep. I will give it a try.
    Thank you,

    Karon Knauss

  • colleen says:

    Engaging video, it certainly held my attention! I know that I constantly need to be reminded to get more sleep. I love how you brought it home with your personal experience.

  • Greg& Vicky Oltmanns says:

    I remember when the Discovery Channel had a show called Rubicon,where teams of athletes would do these races that were not only physical but very stressful also. They would push theirselves to the extreme limits of human possibilitiy . Throughout the race which had different legs to it and these team had very smart ways to heal their bodies. They would take power naps which would be anywhere from 15 to 30 minute power naps. This really does work and it not only helps heal and repair muscle mass but helps clear the mind. I am 63 at age 40 I made up my mind that I would bycyicle to work and back everyday to save money on fuel and in car insurance. Well after 2 1/2 years ,two bikes and 8 sets of tires not including 3 or 4 derailers I calculated that I had riden enough miles to trek back and fourth across the United States 2 1/2 time from coast to coast. I not only kept my weight at bay but built great muscle mass in my legs . I owe this to proper sleep and my power naps on breaks at work. Now that I am older I am going to start doing this again and get my butt back into shape again. One thing I have always reminded myself when getting exercise ,if you make a job out of it its not going to be fun and therefore you will loose interest in it . If you make it fun change up they way you exercise and want to do it everyday ,you will continue on and be very grateful you did. One thing that woke me up was when my wife of 43 years complained about chest,shoulder and neck pain a couple of weeks ago. So I got her in the car and we rush up to the hospital to get her checked out. Sure enough her blood work came back as a positive that she had had a heart attack. They had her in for an angioplasty and within 3 hours she was fine and resting in her room. She is doing so much better today and has started her rehab this week. One thing I got from this was never ignore what your partner tells you it could just save a life.

  • Pat says:

    About ten years ago, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. For a year, I had slept only about 2 or 3 hours a night. I was EXHAUSTED! The day I was diagnosed, I went to the health food store, and when I paid, the cashier put a flyer in my bag. The store had a guest speaker that very night. He gave his testimony of how he had had to quit medical school because of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. He was determined to find a cure, and after graduating, he started his food supplement business geared specifically for fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. I bought several of his products. The “Revitalizing Sleep” by Enzymatic Therapy helped me sleep with no drowsiness in the morning. He suggested taking 2 capsules before taking a hot shower. Then getting into bed and read til feeling drowsy. I took 3, maybe 4 capsules because I was determined to sleep that night. I read for maybe two minutes. That night I slept for 8 hours. I used the capsules for longer than necessary because I was afraid of not being able to get to sleep, but when I finally stopped taking them, I had no trouble sleeping. Ten years later, my sleep it still regular. For the fibromyalgia, I started with his formula, but I had to quit using it because it had whey and I’m lactose intolerant. I switched to Green Magma, and now use the “Perfect Food” products by Garden of Life. My husband called me from work one day a couple of years later asking me what I had done because he had a patient with fibromyalgia and he had shared my experience. A year later I asked him about her, he said she was no longer in a wheelchair. The green powder is what I call the lazy man’s way of juicing. I met a lady who had been in a wheelchair for 3 years because of MS. A couple of years later, she was walking 3 to 5 miles a day. This was because she juiced and changed her lifestyle. It really works. Hope this helps someone.

    1. Eve says:

      Hi! I really enjoyed your segment. I am very glad that your leg ended up being okay. I have problems with sleep, well, not sleeping so much but getting to bed on time. Thanks for the tip on how to remind yourself that it’s time to get ready for bed plus what you shared about stretching. Thanks! Any suggestions on how to stay asleep though? I do not wake up feeling rested even after 7 hours of sleep. My body just wakes up after 7 hours.
      Thank you and good luck with your book! And I loved the Summit – thank you!

  • patricia says:

    i agree with you. my husband and i have health problems that make it harder to have good sleep. i have Ra and reg arthis. lots of pain. he has artris and neopathy,and diabetes. very hard to sleep. i use layvender and meletoinn, bt sometimes its still rough. i talk to objects too. im glad you did not lose your leg.

  • Caro says:

    I put some blend of calming essential oils under my feet and wrist , couple of deep breath and Voila.

  • DJ says:

    “White noise” can help people who have trouble sleeping soundly. A long time ago when I was very sick and very badly NEEDED to get my sleep, I was having trouble staying asleep because of people around me disturbing my sleep, making sharp or jarring noises which would awaken me after I had finally gotten there.

    To counteract those noises, I started using something (anything) that made a constant, innocuous noise to drown out those other sounds. Initially, since the problem was so severe, I bought an alarm clock that produced various “soothing noises,” turned it to the “white noise” setting and turned up the volume. As it turns out, our sleeping brains tune out “constant” noise, and all other noises along with it.

    Though I have no problem whatsoever getting to sleep and never have (except when I’m sick), it can be VERY bad to get awakened WHILE you’re sleeping, especially when you’re having trouble sleeping. This trick works wonders. Now I sleep, not only like a rock, but like a solid rock.

  • Lisa says:

    I definitely notice a difference. In the way I look, my coordination, my mood, even the ability to sleep at the right time. I appreciate your video and I very glad you healed from you accident. Thank you.

  • Dave says:

    I like to make home made wine, so a glass or two before bed helps me to go to sleep!

  • Jana Hunt says:

    I want to thank you very much for making the How to treat infection without antibiotics. I got it a couple of months before I got bitten by a spider. It first looked like two black spots on a red field. When I touched it, the black rubbed off and a hole was there. So, I knew it was not a “normal bite” I treated it with clay first, there was no pain and it seemed only skin deep. Then I got staph. I knew I had better find prickly pear. So, I remember a friend had some and I called him. He said ” Sure come get as much as you like.” So I did. I started making poultices out of it. There was obvious healing every time I changed the poultice. It took some time. I did go to the doctor later and she was amazed at how clean it was. I had been chewing echinecea root that I had growing in my yard. I had tincture of the same I applied to the sore between poultices. I also used essential oils. I am ok now. The doctor saw what I think was the cyst coming through my skin a white bumpy sort of hard substance. She did not know what to think. She said, I don’t know what that is. But it eventually wiped off and the scab formed. Now except for some discoloration, the leg is fine. I don’t even think I will have a scar. I am so grateful!

  • Beverly says:

    I really enjoyed this video session. I have found that lack of sleep causes me to have brain fog, less clarity in thinking and even trouble with my vision. I found this out this summer when we made a 3700 mile driving trip and were in 3 time zones. Fortunately I was able to sleep well at several stops and “catch up” on my sleep. Plus before my son went into treatment the beginning of May, I was physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted due to the constant stress and lack of good sleep. I have found myself getting better quality sleep since then.

  • Gerit Taeger says:

    I especially liked your comment that the body tells us when sleep is required after an injury or medical situation. I am giving myself permission to sleep during the day when fatigue sets in. I would like to get into my northern garden among the trees and grow a few vegetables soon again. Too much rain this year. Thank you for yor kind words.

  • A couple months ago I was invited to see what CBD (a.k.a. cannabidiol) from hemp would do for me and my family. This is not the CBD that comes from a dispensary with THC in it, I get my CBD from Kannaway, so I know it’s a quality CBD that’s safe for my whole family, non-gmo, triple tested to make sure there’s no pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, or heavy metals, and not processed with toxic solvents…and legal in every state. CBD is non-psychoactive and, as I’ve learned over the last couple months, has a lot of health benefits and it was cool to learn that it promotes homeostasis, or balance, in our endocannabinoid system…all my years of studying natural health and I had never heard of an endocannabinoid system. lol Anyway, one of those benefits is improved sleep. Everyone in our local group reports being able to sleep better, including myself. I was waking up several times a night with hot flashes. I don’t have trouble getting to sleep, but if I wake up after a couple hours of sleep I have a hard time going back to sleep. I remember one night I forgot to take the CBD before I went to bed, I was really uncomfortable from a massage I had that day and tossed and turned until about 3:00 a.m., when I got up, took the CBD and also put some CBD Salve on the sore areas. I turned on Netflix and watched a show, then about 5:00 I realized I was feeling like I could go back to sleep…which never happens once I’m up. I was actually able to go back to sleep for a couple hours, could have slept longer but had to get my daughter up for school.

  • Crystal says:

    Important reminder especially the part about stretching to relax and sleep. That works for me too.

  • sandra says:

    Firstly write your book! you have so much to say and teach. Secondly thank you for your amazing summit. Now in turn I will tell you tale of my sleep, I am an older woman, left a 30 odd year marriage a while ago and had always had trouble sleeping. I had moved to a new home part country/part residential, with my back gate leading to a reserve and then horse farm. After I had been here for about a week, I had got to know a few of the neighbours including the woman who owned the horses, as I walked my dogs up there each day to admire the horses. I had not ridden in the past eep 40 odd years, but dreamed one day I would be fit enough, skinny enough , healthy enough and confident enough to hop onto one before I died. So because I could not sleep, and was exhausted I took a sleeping pill and climbed into bed. I had the most magnificent dream that I walked up to the horses and yes you guessed it climbed up onto the oldest nag and rode bareback. In the morning I was feeling fantastic until I found a not beside my bed. telling me that the woman up the road with the horses had found me bareback and bare-arsed on her ex police horse. They had walked me home and put me to bed, but if I wanted to ride her horses that was fine, but could I please come up when I was awake and dressed! I learnt two things very fast from that, one , always sleep in something and two follow your dreams when you are awake and can enjoy them. Write you book if you dream of it, live life as you want and yes life can be embaressing but we can over come it, it was that or move house again, and I considered it lol. I now know most of my neighbours , I have a collection of decent night wear and I never take sleeping pills. Now I go to the horses to destress and I meditate before I sleep.
    enjoy life, do no harm to anyone but do what you want is what I believe in and Marjory you give joy to so many with your videos etc, thank you

  • francesca marousis says:

    enjoyed your video..in Greece we have siesta time , does that help your body. I loved your ending

  • Violet Laviolette says:

    Once again appreciate your “visit” and chat. Sleep is an amazing thing, I agree. We have a habit of taking magnesium each night about an hour or half hour before typical 10pm lights out. Works like a charm and helps me relax. How I wish I had the luxury of “heads down on the desk for 10” like back in school days every day at work. I call your videos a “vist” becasue that is what it feels like to me. Always look forward to them and wishing only my very best in this your endeavor. Such a clear, warm sharing of good wisdom. Appreciate you, Ms. Marjory!

  • Janene says:

    Sleep is so important. I am learning to be an Essential Oil Coach. I diffuse Lavender at bedtime, that is tested three different ways & doesn’t have any bad chemicals nor pesticides. This is also helping me to get off medication for sleep that I have been on way to long. Thank You Marjory for your Dedication to Good Food and Good Health.

  • Betty Montgomery says:

    The biggest block I’ve ever had to getting enough sleep was, sadly and simply, work. Not just the bosses instance on overtime and weekend work either. It was compounded my own dissatisfaction with the ‘job’ and almost everything connected with it. I know. I should have quit that job and found another but. as I lacked self confidence and had become completely focused on earning enough money to pay off my mortgage and keep up with my bills I simply could not see any other way to ‘make a living’. The other complication was that, in order to earn 25 cents more an hour I’d moved to third shift. That move lessened some of the stress between me and “the bosses” in that I didn’t have to deal with them except for an hour or so every morning. Yes, right when i was at my most exhausted! As I was (and am) single the hope was that I would get to sleep during the day. All well and good until others found out I was home all day and started to ask me to do things for them as I wasn’t working. It didn’t help that I was also an active member of the local volunteer fire department. The later had interrupted my night time sleep pattern just as often when I worked other shifts, but while I was on third it truly, as they say, sucked large.
    As long as I was on the third shift job that kept me on my feet and moving I only gained a few pounds but as soon as that job was phased out and I was moved to a more sedentary job in the factory my weight gain practically exploded. It was not long before I was over 200 pounds with all the physical and mental problems that brings. Some of those problems, arthritis of the knee and collapse of the arches in my feet specifically eventually led to surgery and me eventually being let go and designated ‘disabled.’ The only bit of luck there was that the same year I was declared unable to work I also was finely able to fully pay off my land. On the down side I now (I’m still over 200 pounds! I just can’t shake it.) unable to actually DO anything with the land I worked so hard to pay off and, frankly, sacrificed my health for.

  • tracy says:

    hi Marjory

    Perhaps you should mention that most healing occurs during the sleep hours of 10 pm and 2 am. Also, in spite of what you sometimes hear, sleeping with a pet is good if that pet tends to lower your blood pressure because being with her/ him relaxes you.

    P.S. Andrew Weil’s name is pronounced like wile.

  • Maureen says:

    I enjoy your first character of your book. I also found your summer food summit webcasts very interesting. I presently rent and live small town in Maryland. I don’t have garden. Maybe in the future.

  • Rhonda Montiel says:

    So very true Marjorie. Well said!

  • Steen Skytte says:

    Thanks for sharing the bedtime routines, especially turning all electronic devices off 1/2 an hour before going to bed. Especially helpful for the kids, as well as the light yoga routine, (not power yoga?). Greetings.

  • Doc Eibenschotte says:

    Wasn’t the copperhead bite just last year? GEESH!

  • Jero One says:

    Thank you Marjory for your Home Grown Food Summit and this instructive video on your leg injury, healing experience and the value of sleep.

    ON GROUNDING – “All true wealth comes from the ground.”
    This reminds me that I use grounding technology from earthing.com to connect my body to the Earth while in bed or at my computer keyboard. Our shoes and our buildings (for human habitation, not barns and such) keep our bodies separated from direct contact with the Earth. The Earth is a source of nourishment not visible to the naked eye. Direct contact with the Earth feeds us its abundance of free electrons. This connection is a powerful antioxidant. It induces anti-inflammatory action and, it electrically grounds us against many kinds of ambient dirty electricity emanating from the wirings of our buildings even when switched off. In other words it reduces/neutralizes the unnatural voltage charge carried by our otherwise insulated bodies down to near zero. Before I bought the gear I used to sometimes go barefoot on my lawn, not being able to walk along the tide on a sandy beach. Another great benefit is detoxification. Earthing will make you shed some deeply seated toxins.

    So many great benefits but, CAUTION:
    Earthing makes the blood less sticky. When taking “properly” prescribed drugs for a heart condition or for hormone therapy, excessive internal bleeding can quietly ensue leading to death …. to which our moderns doctors would say, “cause of death – unknown”. So, be very careful about that. Otherwise enjoy this native and ancient tool for healing and good health.

  • Miriam says:

    Thank you Margery, Jennifer and Linda for sharing!

    You all got me thinking, how can I improve my sleeping pattern?
    How can I take better care of my body?
    How can I not worry or be anxious about things I can’t control?
    How can I just enjoy life? Sorry Margery for missing out on this years summit. Bummer!
    I get so many emails, I believe I deleted it with the rest by accident. Will be careful to look out for your emails.
    By the way, lemon balm or rosemary tea has calming effect for stressful times. Just put in a handful into just gently boiled watered that has been removed from heat source and steep 3-6 minutes. Strain and enjoy. Hope this helps someone out there. Good day!

  • Joyce Johnson says:

    So guilty of this. I am a night person. Married to a day person. The bed hardly ever gets made up unless it is when we change sheets as one or the other is sleeping. LOL

  • Nancy says:

    Great info! Really enjoying these videos.

  • Sue says:

    Hello Marjory,

    I amsi glad you overcame such a horrific accident as slicing your leg with metal and with your knowledge saved your leg. That is quite remarkable! You seemed very composed and focused
    which probably helped a lot as well.

    I would definitely agree that sleep does make a difference in our ability to cope with life’s every day issues and I think stress too. I have seen first/hand how it
    helps in healing by reducing pain and inflammation.

    I really enjoy listening to your videos that
    you are sharing. Keep up the good work toward your book. I know I will look forward to reading it. Thank you.

  • jennifer taylor says:

    Listen, I have fibromyalgia… sleep is my medicine! I don’t take anything other than an ibuprofen every now and then again due to my body having inflammation all over. I am 27 years old and a female. Last year in 2016, in the fall, I worked for about 3-4 months at a retirement home, on third shift. I have 3 children, two I took to and from school every day and one that stayed at home with me (1 1/2 yrs. old). I did not get hardly any sleep and I believe it brought it on full strength, the fibromyalgia. I believe I had it mildly in my past. I had “growing pains” which were just actually fibromyalgia. Nothing you can’t handle without medicine. Sleep deprivation I believe, can cause on-setting diseases to be able to take root in your body. It damages you inside out, from a to z. Hope this helps!

  • Leslie says:

    I ended up in the hospital last year for 6 days when i contracted Erlichia from a tick bite. My white blood cell count was almost nonexistent, My platelets where only a third of what they should have been and my body wasn’t producing potassium. I actually slept round the clock there for all 6 days and then when I woke on the 6th day I felt great, i called the nurses in at 6 am to open the blinds ( I had been sensitive to light during this time ) When they opened them i was so excited to see the sunrise, I knew i was healed, they let me go home that day. I joked that it was the universe’s way of making me rest, as i worked 10 hours aday in my garden and greenhouse, at 60 that probably had something to do with my immune system crashing allowing me to contract Erlichia.

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