Could you find water? No matter what?

The Day You Prepared For

Imagine that the time has come…

Some major disaster has taken place, and all of a sudden you are utterly on your own.  If you get hurt, no ambulance is coming.  The power grid is down.  It’s a collapse scenario.  SHTF.

No need to panic – you have some food stocked up to get you through the initial fallout.  You’ve thought ahead and made all of the basic preparations.  And you have some fresh water to tide you over, although you know that it will run dry all too soon.

How Long Before You Get Thirsty?

But the fact is: eventually, for one reason or another, each of us will need to head back out into the world – for better or for worse.

The number one reason why we’ll need to leave the safety of home and head out into the chaos?  Water – without a doubt.

The Number One Skill You Need to Find Water

Just ask survival expert Kirsten Rechnitz.  She lived an extreme minimalist lifestyle in the low mountain high desert environment for several years.  At one point she even headed out into the desert, all by herself, and didn’t come back for a month.

When my friend Dave Womach from The Survival Summit asked Kirsten what her secret was, do you know what she said?  MAP READING!

Dave couldn’t believe that something as simple as reading a map was Kirsten’s biggest asset, but when she broke it down for him, Dave fully understood.  The only thing you absolutely need to do to stay alive in the desert is to find water.  Every single day.

Where is the nearest spring?  Is that stream seasonal, or does it flow year round?  The map will tell you.

Survival Land Navigation DVD

Dave was so impressed by Kirsten’s story that he teamed up with Top Albritton to produce a new video called Survival Land Navigation that includes all of the information you need to know to get where you’re going – long after your batteries are dead and the GPS satellites are out of commission (which will only take a few weeks, at most).

In this beautiful cinematic and educational 90-minute DVD (it’s also available for streaming), you’ll learn to fully understand:

– How to navigate without a GPS
– How to correctly read a topographic map
– Understand “declination” and why it’s so important
– Find where you are on a map so you can correctly navigate towards water
– Hide and locate a secret cache without losing it
– How to determine what makes a good compass… or a bad one
– Route planning and selection
– How to use “dead reckoning” to reach your destination as soon as possible

Now, I realize that it might seem like common knowledge… but do you really understand how to read a map?  And use it to navigate?  When your life depends on it?

Click Here to Order the Survival Land Navigation DVD

Survival Land Navigation

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This post was written by Marjory


  • DOes this DVD come with a book? without the power how can you use the DVD?

  • Sandra says:

    Hi Marjory,

    I need answers to two questions:

    1. I want to sign up for your blog posts. How do I do that?

    2. I recently started growing blueberry shrubs but the berries are pretty sour. Is there anything I can do to have sweeter berries?

    Thanks for any help you can offer,


    1. Michael Ford says:

      Hi Sandra – Welcome! You might look into the variety of blueberries that you’re growing – some varieties just aren’t very sweet. Hopefully you don’t have one of those…

      Also, where are you growing these? In what part of the country; in pots or in the ground? And have you added any amendments or fertilizers so far?

      I know that soil pH is critical for blueberries, and they like an acidic environment. Having said that – growing blueberries here in central TX is an uphill battle so I don’t grow them myself. But if you answer those few questions, there’s a fair chance you’ll be able to get some good advice here from someone who has experience in your region.

      1. Sandra says:

        Hi Michael – Thanks so much for your reply. I have no idea what variety blueberries mine are. I had no idea some varieties will never be sweet…I can only hope that doesn’t apply to mine, although I do have two varieties. I know that because the leaves on one of them is different from the other six.

        I live in NJ and mine are growing in the ground. I am growing organic berries so no fertilizers just pots of cold coffee I have brewed to get the soil more acidic. Don’t know why I did that…just seemed like a good idea:)

        Funny you live in TX. I used to live in Austin. Some very scary lightening storms and flash floods there. Loved living there, would just hide in a closet when those storms would hit:) Had many a picnic in that closet:)

        Anyway, hope someone may have some helpful suggestions for me.
        Thanks again:)

  • Sandra says:

    Hello AGAIN,

    One of the things I wanted to know was how to sign up for your blog. Well, after I sent you the last email, I noticed the blog sign-up so signed up for it. So that issue is taken care of.

    I still need the second one answered so looking forward to getting the answer about that one.

    Thanks a bunch,


  • Lyn says:

    If the SHTF what good is a DVD? I would prefer to have a manual/book that I can put into my bag.

  • Joe says:

    What does SHTF mean?

    1. Lin says:

      Something That Hits the Fan

  • Jeanne says:

    I don’t have a DVDs player. Is there a printed copy of this we can order?

  • Esther Palmer says:

    Is there a book in the works? I do not have a DVD player.

  • Marjory,
    We appreciate the updates from you folks!
    Preaching to the choir though.
    Offgrid for 24 years with 16,000 gallons of rainwater.
    We navigated 10 years in the warm ocean waters of the planet.
    We are in business to help others do this!
    Cheers! –Dave

  • Sandra says:

    SHTF =Shit Hits The Fan

  • Christine says:

    I would also be more interested in a book than a DVD.

  • Honky Tonk TN says:

    In a small rural community, we only know where the active springs are, the holding tanks and the cisterns. None of that is found on any maps. That’s what we farmers do best. Got a well? Got a simple debris filter and a Berkey? If so, you have plenty to drink and cook with. If you are out in the mid-west, look for active windmills pumping water out of the ground. Today, those devices are not cheap.

  • James Judd says:

    I know it sounds crazy, but you can find water with a “Y” shaped stick. There is a word for it, but the name escapes me. Oh, and if you need to learn map reading skills, buy an old boy scout manual, or US Army publication FM 3-25-26 you can usually find them at army navy stores.

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