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Bad news is everywhere you look. On your television, on your radio, and on your computer screen. Frankly, it can be overwhelming sometimes.

But nobody told that to the folks over at Rodale. They just announced the honorees of the first ever Rodale 100. These are 100 inspiring people, projects, and organizations that created positive change in 2015 with unique accomplishments and innovative ideas.

If you read one of these stories each day, you’ll have a positive pick-me-up that lasts 100 days!

The Rodale 100 – Inspiring Good News from Around the World

So take a break from the negative news and read about these people who are doing something positive to improve their local, national, and global communities. There are many inspiring stories here…

The honorees are divided into 5 categories:

Social Outreach

You can see all 100 of the honorees here: The Rodale 100.

Selecting the Honorees for the Rodale 100

To build this list, Rodale put together a panel of journalists, activists, and experts. Each honoree has been vetted by an expert panel, with an emphasis on these 3 factors:

• groundbreaking innovations that revolutionize how we see the world while driving others in the industry to embrace creativity;
• a positive impact that affects changes on a local, national and/or global scale;
• a displayed commitment to the welfare of human beings, animals, and the environment.

Who Made the List

There are many familiar names on the list, including some Hollywood actors and actresses who have taken on meaningful pet projects, like Matt Damon’s water.org. And there are some big companies who are sponsoring various projects, like Subaru, who in 2015 became the first car manufacturer in U.S. history to achieve zero landfill status. And there are some really great looking nonprofit projects on this list that I hadn’t seen before.

There’s even a U.S. Politician. No kidding. Rep. Tim Ryan of Ohio is a foodie, and he made the list because of his book, The Real Food Revolution: Healthy Eating, Green Groceries and the Return of the American Family Farm.

I was especially happy to see that Perry Alagappan made the list in the Health category. If you missed the story about Perry’s new water filter, see this article – One Young Man Tackles a Huge Global Problem. Go, Perry!

And there’s another notable youth on the list, as well – Olivia Hallisey is a 17 year old from Connecticut who invented a new way to test for ebola virus. You can see a short video with Olivia below. These kids are making me feel like a serious slacker!

I hope you enjoy looking over all the different projects on this uplifting list, and I hope it helps distract you from the negative news for a short while.


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