Dirty Shirts And Warts

When you have children, they will bring out the best and the worst in you.

In my case it’s my daughter who pointed out that in the butchering section of the video you can easily see the small wart on the middle knuckle of my right hand.

“And mom” she says “your shirt is dirty”.

Well, it’s true.

We shot the footage for the videos in mid-June and it was dang hot. And like almost every other project, the filming was taking way longer than we thought it would. The videographer, an awesome professional, was also very squeamish and put off the butchering section until the very last thing (funny, the same thing happened with the producer at National Geographic’s shoot for Doomsday Preppers – here is the link to see that video).

I also only had one shirt, which by that time was several days well worn. I honestly didn’t even think about how much of a mess I was at that point. As you know, I am not a movie star with a wardrobe, and we were really running out of time – so we just went with what I had.

I was horrified later. But by then there wasn’t much I could do.


And then my daughter tops it off by pointing out my wart, which I had completely forgotten.

Ahhh!  Kids.

But hey, the good news I am looking for an all-natural method of wart removal so please send in your favorite method!  LOL.  wart on Marjorys hand - yikes!

Until then, see if you can spot the wart in the butchering section. And overlook the rest of the mess.

What?  You don’t have a copy of the video set?  Gasp!  Click here to get your own copy of the full “Grow Your Own Groceries” video kit. 

And please do leave comments below – especially if you have successfully removed warts…..


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  • Cathy says:

    Duct tape is the BEST way to watch warts vanish. The duct tape suffocates the little buggers! I’ve never seen a wart that duct tape didn’t melt away fast.

    1. Casey says:

      When I was a young man I developed a huge wart on the back of my left hand. Nothing I tried got rid of it. I tried peeling it off…it came back. Wart remover just left me with the constant taste of ether in my mouth and seemed like wart-fertilizer. I had it for over a year and worried that my infant daughter would catch it.

      Finally, one night…while watching all night movies with Gil Hile (you have to be an old Californio to get that reference. It is kind of like a pretentious literary reference for Californians) I decided to get rid of it for good. I taped an ice cube on it, got out my soldering iron and heated it up. When my had was completely numn in that area, I tore off the cap of the wart and then used the soldering iron to burn out the area of the root and staunch the blood flow.

      The wart never came back. I think my barbarity so offended it that it moved away.

    2. Amber Ogert says:

      Now that’s 101 more ways to use duct tape! I actually heard this remedy in the Doctor’s Office today from my Nurse!

  • Linda Roseland says:

    I don’t know what happened to the comment I was typing – it disappeared! Anyway, I was saying something to the effect that what you look like doesn’t matter to me; it’s the information I want.
    I inherited undeveloped land 60 miles east of Dallas in 2008 when I was a young 63. Developing is taking MUCH longer than anticipated, especially with droughts and an extra house to sell. But we’re getting there. Tried to dig a well, but the water is so deep that it comes up brackish – not what I need for irrigation. We will be setting up the drip lines this year and building chicken house/yard.
    Already have bunnies for fertilizer that is instant. I love your tree illustration about the roosting geese(?). I’ve repeated that over and over!!
    Keep up the good work . . . dirt just shows that you’ve been gardening!!
    Oh – I use vitamin A oil and castor oil for warts.

  • Angela Mattingly says:

    Wart REmoval

    I used paw paw cell regulator mixed with black ointment from Natures Sunshine Products. I just opened a capsule mixed with ointment enough to make a paste and put on a band-aid and put on both my daughters and gone within a week putting on each night and does not hurt at all….awesome!!

  • Liz says:

    I have removed warts with clove essential oil. Just dab some on morning and night for a week or two and the wart goes away. I also did the same with a large wart on my dog that worked.

  • David Moffatt says:

    Not sure if this is exactly “natural”, but….there are natural products containing the chemical, so….I had a stubborn wart on a finger. Having read that aspirin will get rid of plantar warts, I thought I would try it on the common variety. I quartered an aspirin, set one quarter on the wart each day, then put two drops of water on the aspirin and mashed it into the wart with a band-aid. After eight days (two aspirin)The skin around the wart had thickened and some of it peeled off (felt like the raw skin under a blister). I left it alone for a week or so, after which the skin had grown back but the wart was still visible, though smaller.

    I repeated the process and the wart is now gone and has remained so for some months. The skin around the treated area was more or less numb for a couple of weeks. I do wonder whether a smaller amount of aspirin would have done the trick just as well. Similarly, I assume willow bark or anything containing salicylates should work. I am not prone to warts and so do not expect many opportunities to experiment. That particular wart, however, had persisted for over a year before I decided I was tired of it.

  • Dirk says:

    You’ll probably think I’m nuts when I tell you this. But, I know a man who can get rid of warts by rubbing them. My daughter had warts, he rubbed them, a few weeks later, gone. Years later, I had one come out on my finger. I tried the wart remover stuff with no luck. Then I remembered what he had done with my daughters warts, I paid him a visit to see if it would work for me. Well, three or four weeks later the wart was gone. I have heard old country folk talk of people that could do this. I don’t know how they do it but it worked for me.

    1. What a skill to have! Need to put that on the list of barterable items…

      Uh, and you know what, I do believe you. There is much more to reality than we know.

  • john sullivan says:

    HI MARJORIE : There are a number of essential oils that will remove warts : frankincense , oregano to name but 2 , be sure the oils are of organic grade . I buy mine from Young Living essential oils .. JOHN

  • Mike says:

    I had tried several over OTC treatments for warts in my foot, but nothing got rid of them completely. Then, I found a website claiming the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar. I would soak my foot for 45-60min in the evening. Next soaked some gauze pads in vinegar and placed over the infected area held in place with an ace bandage and went to bed.

    After three nights, I had so many black spots ranging from a pencil lead size, to over 1/4″ covering an area the size of a half-dollar. The black spots were the roots dying off. By the end of the fifth week the entire warts had been expelled from my foot!!!!

    Now this is a very “painful” process, but all natural….


    1. Tina says:

      This is what I use, and has been effective for me and my husband both. Put some on band aid and place over wart daily. Some are more stubborn than others, but they have all dried up. Good luck.

      Haven’t tried making my own like you, but ACV rocks!

  • Crystal says:

    Honestly, the only way I have ever had a wart successfully removed was to have them cut out. They were ‘seed’ warts and I had an awful mess of them many many years ago.

    I have heard about filing the wart until it starts to bleed and applying compound w at that point…..basically eating the bugger away shortening the root system slowly. Have not heard anything about the new ‘freezer’ kits they sell now.

    As far as messy clothes, bless you but that ‘Screams’ honesty. My husband laughs when I call the unstained $3 t-shirt “going to town” wear. Love your stuff…keep it up……


    1. Well, even if I never quite make it – I do aspire to at least clean clothes…. LOL My daughter has such an eye for fashion – I have no clue where she got that.

      1. John Kolb says:

        I too have had problems with warts. A stubborn one on my hand and then some plantar warts started growing on the bottom of both feet. Tried the duct tape trick, cutting out the warts, icing the warts and other useless attempts. Clearly my body was allowing warts to grow do to some kind of imbalance I had.
        Thankfully, I had started drinking a fruit smoothie developed by Dr. Joel Fuhrman and weeks later all my warts had disappeared! I offered my stepdaughter the same drink for her wart and the results were the same.
        What is it about the drink I know not. I only know it worked for me and besides, it tastes great and is an excellent way of starting the day.
        Recipe as follows: one banana, 3 slices frozen peaches, one cup frozen berries (I go with blue, raspberries, and black berrie mix) one cup pomegranate juice, half cup soy milk and one tablespoon ground flax seeds. Blend it all up, serves two. Watch the warts disappear. 🙂

        1. John, well… I wonder how much of that is the thought and intent behind it? But sounds like a really nice smoothie.

  • The thick white sap of certain plants like that which comes from the frangipani flower tree will kill warts. Perhaps dandelion too, but I know there is more than just frangipani tree sap that will kill warts after repeated applications.

    Love your content. You post some great stuff!

    1. Actually when I search online I see lots of references to dandelion sap working for killing warts.

    2. Thanks Michael for your kind words. It means a lot.

    3. Steven says:

      Dandelion does work, just apply the white liquid from the root a couple times a day and most warts are gone in a week. stubborn ones hold out for ten days or so.

  • Roberta Kelly says:

    I have been plagued by warts since childhood… not cold sores like my mom and sisters…. but they used to use l-lysine for the cold sores so I decided that they are both a variety of the herpes virus that the lysine should work for the warts…. as long as I get plenty of lysine they go away and stay away but if my levels get too low they reappear… so I just take more lysine and they go away again… I use 1,000 mg for a week or two to get rid of them and sometimes will do a maintenance dose of 500 mg. just to keep them at bay — and it also seems to reduce the severity of any other viruses that just might happen along…. especially those nasty unexpected flu viruses…

  • We used a Homeopathic tincture of Thuja, just drop it on the wart or mole. My daughter had a huge mole on her back when she was 13 yrs. old. For a month, We put the Thjua on twice a day. Well the thing flattened out and got real thin, but we stopped doing it. So it just stayed there. I don’t know what we did but recently I noticed that it has completly disappeard. and this was a really big mole. I use a lot of homeopathic remedies along with Young Living essential oils. They say to use oregano oil. A very strong oil, I would put it on with a q-tip. If it “burns” use cooking oil over it, like olive oil. I really like their oils,I have healed all sorts of stuff with them.

  • davey boy says:

    My wife has successfully removed warts from our kids with a band aid soaked in vitamin E. Prick a capsule, apply some E oil to the pad and put on wart repeat for a week or until wart disappears. No blood, no pain.

  • Bull Norris says:

    Hi ,
    I order in ,Indian Black tar or herb , its a small bottle of black nasty looking stuff I have seen used many time in my life for warts , skin cancers , my oldest had wart on her knee all over it and on her hands ,feet under her nose . so finaly she wanted to try it on her knee ? I Doctored it up ,on Sunday night on Friday I ask and we looked they were all gone every where… I have use it on older guys with the big brown nasty looking spots on there heads and in a few day they slide off with new skin under them.
    Most wats have a breathing hole in the center if you can find it and seal it off for a few days they die off and fall out .

    Thanks Bull

  • Sylvie says:

    How do I upload a jpeg file of a Chinese Herbal medicine called
    Ru Yi Jin Huso San aka Golden Yellow Powder to show ingredients of the Individual Herbs I got from my Acupuncturists, so far so good, seems to be working…

    1. hmmm, let me ask my web developer. Yes! we need this functionality!

  • Sylvie says:

    BTW I didn’t notice the warts in Video, lol

  • Moe Eaton says:

    I just use Dr. Scholl’s “Clear Away” wart remover (contains Salicylic acid). It’s cheap and it works. Got rid of 2 warts on my fingers in a few weeks time.

  • Caroline Cooper says:

    My daughter has a very large wart on her hand. Ionic silver gel worked great in about three weeks: http://eatkamloops.org/healthy-household-ionic-silver/.

    1. Ari says:

      Be careful of silver it can enter your system and remain there forever. There is a guy who took it and sadly prophylactically (just to prevent anything) and now his skin is permanently blue grey. It can be absorbed through the skin too. Try something else.

  • pati says:

    About warts… take a capsule of beta carotene and dab a dot on the wart every day… in a few days it will be gone (warts are from a virus).. works! Of course, the spot will be red with the carotene, but…so what?!

  • Deb says:

    Plain ol’ adhesive tape- or even duct tape. Warts dont like moist environments, so cover it, and keep it covered for a couple of weeks, or as long as necessary. Cut the tape so it is only on the wart, so you don’t irritate the surrounding skin.
    I thought the rabbit section was extremely well done, and I never noticed either the wart, or the dirty shirt. 🙂

  • Bruce says:

    Wart killa! Anyway, if something is alive, make it’s environment unlivable and it will cease to live.

    I dehydrated them with foot powder, then “fed” them bleach with a Q-tip(just let the bleach soak the wart a bit), then ductape patch directly on wart and then breathable bandaid to hold. Took a couple weeks.

    I think any “breakdown” liguid, oils, vinegar, peroxide and ductape would work.

    1. HI Bruce, It sounds tome like you’ve invented a whole new branch of medicine! Oils peroxide, and duct tape…

  • Monika says:

    The juice of a dandelion stem, when applied daily, can work on some warts.

  • Kristie says:

    Hi, tape works well but drinking colloidal silver works the best. You can drink it and use it topicly.

  • Margo;) says:

    Oh Marjory! Those are hands that show your love of your family and what you are doing! But I hear you…I have kids and grandgems too. I use on them and myself, the white milk of freshly picked.Dandelion stems! Apply daily, and expect the wart to become very ugly, turn black, then drop off! It takes a couple weeks, with no more warts to follow, as can sometimes be the case. We have even kept LONG stemmed flowers in water in the refrigerator and cut off a little piece at the bottom to make the availability last longer. But really…how many of us DON’T have Dandelions growing close by our homes?

    Good Luck!

  • Beth Oquist says:

    Aw, Marjory, don’t worry about it. You’ve been doing a good job and I’ve very much appreciated the information you’ve presented. How you can be expected to work on a farm and not have a dirty shirt (unless you just came in from work and changed to settle into a comfy chair and relax) is beyond me.

    I honestly couldn’t watch the part where you butchered the rabbit. I got as far as you putting the bunny’s head under a stick and couldn’t watch any more. I’ve had several rabbits as beloved pets and it was too hard. However, I was impressed that you handled the rabbit firmly and gently and it never reached the point of panic that it screamed. That was the most humane way I could think of to butcher a rabbit.

    As far as warts, I’ve suffered from warts as well and tried several different “cures.” Then one day (after a couple decades) they began to disappear. It was at the same time as I had been going through a prolonged healing/detox under the supervision of a naturopath. I then learned they are caused by a virus and put two and two together. My immune system needed to become further strengthened and, as it was, they disappeared. I know you’ve been eating very healthy and you’ve been seeing vast improvement because of it, but wonder if there isn’t something still missing in a way that your immune system needs to be strengthened. Don’t know if this is helpful or not, but I understand how annoying they are!

    1. Hi Beth,

      Yes, I think you might be onto something. I do eat very well, I also exercise a good bit (part of the job). And I do notice I don’t quite have the health I feel I should have. I will get sick after prolonged stress – which is expected, but I feel I should be able to handle more. So yes, there is a bit more work to do there. Does that make sense?

  • Hal H says:

    geessshhhh… I just go to the doctor and have the damn thing frozen… bing, bang and done, no fuss no muss. Modern medicine is wonderful that way.

    1. Thanks Hal. Can they really do that? I didn’t think modern medicine was that effective in this regard.

    2. IthacaNancy says:

      I’ve had them frozen off and done it at home with a kit. Both worked very well, but the kit is so much less expensive than the dermatologist or the family practitioner! If there is any concern about misidentifying it and possibly missing a pre-cancerous or cancerous lesion, it might be worth the extra cost to see a dermatologist. I worry when people say that they had an unusual mole and then it “just disappeared”. Cancer can metastasize . . .

  • Linda Cullen says:

    Grew a huge one on my knee out of nowhere, already old and spotty, need nothing new. Prayed, always first, then apple cider vinegar one time. Gone 2 days later. Hope it helps, God bless daughters but they are notoriously hard on their mothers.

  • Caroline says:

    Yes I second the homeopathy and essential oils. I’ve used Thuja internally to treat the “Miasm” that causes warts and skin growths. It’s not a fast treatment but it does help.

    I’ve used Young Living Frankincense oil successfully to treat warts. It’s as hot as Oregano or Thyme.

    Warts can indicate our immune system needs a boost. Again essential oils can help (have to be high quality e.g. Young Living as most oils on the market are adulterated with chemicals and not produced with the care and quality required to be effective).

    Louise Hay says that warts are little expressions of hate (think she means self hate). Belief in ugliness. Her affirmation is “I am the love and beauty of life in full expression”.

    1. Oh I love Louise Hays work! Has guided me for many years.

  • Hi Marg. A simple remedy for warts is:
    A Banana Peel
    rub it in well
    tape it with duct tape at nite
    take it off in the morning
    repeat till it turns black or comes off.
    Blessings. lowell

  • don says:

    Here is the stuff and the fellow I get it from off of eBay the easy way to get to know him.
    I trust him and his product as it really works [following the directions of course].
    I purchased it twice once for me and once for my sister out in CA and he even dropshipped it to her for me.
    Any how give it a whirl!

    Link to eBay Item:

    1. John Hoffnagle says:

      I’ve gotten rid of warts permanently by keeping them completely covered with clear nail polish. Stops them from breathing – they drop off in about a week. Got this cure from an old country doctor many years ago. John

  • Mac says:

    I understand that essential oils will do the trick with warts. Frankincense, melaleuca, oregano, clove, cypress, cinnamon, lemon, and lavender. My daughter gets her essential oils from DoTerra and I personally have been happy with the Now brand of oils even though they are not as potent Doterra. I have not personally used the oils for warts, but have used oils for other purposes and have had great success. The list came out of my daughter’s book for use of the oils.

    A natural summer time remedy for warts that I heard about some years back is to use milkweed sap on the wart. Hear in the Northeast during the summer we have a number of areas with milkweed.

    1. Amber Ogert says:

      I stumbled across the use of coconut for warts. The website I mentioned above has the instructions but basically you use warm oil and rub it on. Has worked for me quite well, I have other growths too so I’ll be trying it out on those as well. Smells nice too!

  • Jon McClenahan says:

    I can vouch for Monika and the dandelion milk.

    I’m new to this self-sufficiency stuff but I was reading about medicinal applications of common weeds while sitting out amidst my grazing chickens one evening, and came across the thing about dandelions and warts. Well I had some kind of wart or mole under one of my armpits – it had been there for years – and so I picked a dandelion, split it open, and rubbed the wet milky inside of the stem directly onto it … and then forgot about it. I’m telling you: the next DAY it was as if it had never been there! I don’t think there’s a medicine or a procedure that could be that effective.

    Obviously not a scientific study, but certainly worth trying, if only for its simplicity.

    Obviously not a scientific study, but certainly worth trying, if only for its simplicity

  • Jacq says:

    Warts are beautiful! Kinda like age spots. We earn each and every one along with the gray and magnificent hairs!! Cheers.

  • Aude Sapere says:

    As for warts, anything you really believe in will work. “Placebo effect” is effective. I had a big one on the bottom of my foot. I have been using homeopathy (mostly Silica) and it is almost gone. I once had a whole crop of warts on my toes that went away with homeopathy.

  • Carlie says:

    Hi Marjory, I love your approach to life. In response to the wart removal question, I use Castor Oil on all skin blemishes. Warts, skin tags, scaley patches, dark spots, and WRINKLES. It is about $6 at your local grocery store. I am an RN and got this tip from my dermatologist. Have been using it after my shower for several years, I am 70 and have NO wrinkles on my face and all those pesky skin blemishes on the trunk and arms dry up and disappear, but it takes persistence and a couple of months.

    1. Carlie,

      Well I am going to have to get my web guy to figure out how to allow photos int he comments section! I want to see a 70 year old with not wrinkles. Its waht I aspire to…

  • Lynn says:

    I have heard that the duct tape works really well. Also iodine, just a few drops every morning and evening, cover completely. I would also think essential oils would work, cover with a bandaid. The wart has to be denied oxygen, so basically it has to be suffocated.

  • Gail says:

    My mother lost her wart when as a kid, she stole a piece of meat from the butcher, and then in the dark of night, buried it. Next day her wart was supposedly gone!!

    1. Oh my! That is a story! I wonder which part was the ‘active ingredient’?

  • Keith says:

    Cheap easy and no fuss! Castor oil found in most drug stores for less than $5. Apply a drop to each wart twice a day until they disappear. A friend in HIgh School had dozens on his hands. After a few days of application they began to fall off.

  • Hi Marjory! Would love to connect again. Here’s my post on the Cheapest Natural Wart Remedy. I hope you don’t have warts in your home. Yuck. http://wholenewmom.com/health-concerns/the-easiest-and-cheapest-natural-wart-treatment/

    1. Hi Adrianne, was just thinking about you – good to hear from you. Nice article – thanks for contributing. Glad to see my favorite – urine! being offered as a solution, LOL

      1. Cyndi says:

        Hi Majory, My neighbor a Cherokee told me yrs ago, that they used their own urine on poison ivy. Really happy I don’t seem to get poison ivy !

        1. H Cyndi,

          I regularly use urine on poison ivy. I find it is the best thing – especially if its gone systemic.

          Just apply the urine while in the shower. That’s a good place to do it.

  • Laurie T. says:

    We have used Thuja successfully as well. But we took the pellet form under the tongue. It will treat all the warts on your body.

    Also, I never noticed your wart or dirty shirt.

    Thanks for all you do to help us, Marjory!

  • Steven says:

    Essential oils are great and work wonders but can you grow and process them yourself? Stock up or figure out how to do things with herbs you can collect or grow on ground near you.

  • Larissa says:

    Hi! I used to have warts, but after diligent use of oregano oil properly diluted in a carrier oil (a few drops in a capsule a couple of times per day plus painting the warts with the oil and covering it with a bandage.), my warts went away. However, I have never heard of anyone else doing this, nor am I a medical professional, so try at your own risk! 🙂 I did get a wart several years later. By that time, I was seeing a NAET practitioner, who treated me for it. It promptly disappeared. Getting treated through NAET was definitely easier.

  • Jim U says:

    Warts do seem to need air, so deny the air. What I did was use clear fingernail polish so I would not need a band-aid. Applied twice a day and if you want to hurry the process, just cut the dead part of the wart off and reapply fingernail polish. After you cut off the dead skin the fingernail polish will sting a little at first. Being a guy fingernail polish is not always available so I have used paint, polyurethane, etc. Use something that is available that blocks air from the wart.

  • roger stanke says:

    Apple cider vinegar! Put some on a cotton swab and tape it to the wart over night 2 nights in a row and it will scab over and flak away

  • Brtother Dave says:

    Mind over matter or matter over mind??

    Years ago my uncle made my warts disappear. It was almost like magic. He first told me he had a foolproof secret technique that worked every time! Then he told me to get a piece of tinfoil. He then disappeared into the kitchen and when he came out, had me stick out my hand and close my eyes with strict instructions not to open them. Even so he used his body to block any peaking on my part. He proceeded to rub the stubborn wart on my little finger with something, I didn’t know what, then wrapped it up in the tinfoil I was holding. He again told me not to look at it and to go immediately and bury it in the backyard. His last instruction was to now totally forget about the whole thing.

    This little exercise indeed went right out of my head. Then a few weeks later I remembered what happened, look at my hand and the wart was gone!

    I still have a small scar where the wart was, a friendly reminder that my uncle indeed could do magic with warts. In later years I asked what he rubbed on my finger. It was a piece of raw potato.
    I used this same technique years later to rid my son of a wart on his hand.

    So, was this mind over matter or matter over mind? As long as it worked, whats the diff?

    1. Cyndi says:

      HI..My mother paid me a penny rubbed my wart with a potatoe & buried it….. my wart went away! Oh to have childlike faith is a wonderful thing 🙂

  • Scott says:

    Always a pleasure to learn from you Marjory! For a wart I’ve used the milky white sap on the leaf stem of a fig tree. Put it on morning/evening and it will be gone in two weeks. Figs are good when in season too if I can beat the squirrels to them…but then I’ve got a good squirrel recipe too. 🙂

  • dorothy allan says:

    Mud – Purified Water and All Natural Calcium Bentonite, https://livingclayco.com/DetoxClay.php ,

    I use the premade jar (scroll down) it’s much easier. put a dab of clay on at night, cover with a band aid (water tight) when the clay is wet it is active.

    It might take a couple weeks of daily treatment but it works. Us the rest of the premade mud as a facial mask – it’s the same stuff you’ll pay $300 treatment in a swanky spa.


  • Leslie Parsons says:

    At the age of 18 I developed a case of Juvenile Flat Warts. My young face was covered with them. They were more of a heartbreak to my mother that they were to me. So, she went after it with a vengeance. What she did was load my body with garlic. She gave me garlic tablets and capsules, twice a day and a salad smothered with “garlic dressing” which was absolutely chunky with garlic. In about 10 days the warts were fading. They were totally gone in two weeks! A couple of months later, I began a professional modeling career, which would not have been possible if I had a warty face.

  • Tricia says:

    After using some OTC products without success, I used organic apple cider vinegar several times and not only was it terribly painful, it also never completely got rid of the warts and afterwards they seemed to grow faster and bigger. About a year and a half ago I started using organic coconut oil for MANY things, including applying it to my face each night at bedtime. I would massage the leftover oil into my hands. After a short time I asked my husband if I was crazy or had my warts gotten smaller (2 of the 4 were quite large). He agreed that they had diminished in size. I assumed it was the coconut oil, looked it up on the internet and checked with a very homeopathic friend and all sources confirmed the anti microbial properties do, in fact, kill warts. I applied the oil morning and night, like lotion with no covering, for about 2 weeks and I am wart free!! It was also COMPLETELY painfree!! I hope you’ll give it a try.

  • Rosie Simmons says:

    Years ago I had a large one on my hand and I used thin slices of aloe vera leaf held on with a band-aid. It took about 2 weeks, but it disappeared.

  • Max says:

    Regarding wart removal,
    Love your stuff. A surefire way to remove warts is to apply liquid vitamin A directly to the wart several times a day. It interferes with RNA replication. Zero side effects. Just use a needle to pierce the vitamin A gel capsule and apply directly. You might put a small band aid on top to keep it moist. This even works on plantar warts, the ones on the soles of your feet and they are notoriously hard to eliminate. This works indefinitely, unlike my earlier attempts to smother the thing with duct tape.

    A Doctor friend who just hates anything non medical failed to remove his own warts until he tried vitamin A. He was almost angry that it worked.

  • Jonathan says:

    The one that works for me: castor oil mixed with baking soda (enough to make toothpaste consistency) dab on and band aid. The wart (or mole!) and surrounding skin will desiccate and slough off.

    Note: this is so powerful it removes moles (I got rid of one on my shoulder I had for ten years) and skin tags also.

    My comments: It can be a little painful at times, especially if water from the shower hits the bare skin while mid-treatment. Just leave the bandaid on and replace when you’re out of the shower. Also, the look of it will scare you, but the skin will reheal just fine when you decide to stop the treatment. Also, just do a few at a time. You should do before, daily, and after pics. I wished I had.


  • Cyndi says:

    Hi Majory, Years ago…. Like 40+ I ground some marigolds to extract the oil then put it in a little pill bottle with a lid that in those days just popped off. (unlike todays lids where you need the muscles of Samson to get the lid off) My son had a wart like a little tick sticking out on his tummy. Every day (at least a dz. times) he would ask when is it going to be ready mommy? I said we will know when son. I had placed it on top of my spice cubboard in my kitchen. One eve as we sat at the dinner table the lid , with a pop flew over our heads and hit the wall. My sons eyes round & in awe looked at me and I said its ready son! Less than a week of using morning & night No more Mr. Wart. I used on a bandaid . My son said this is stinky stuff and I assure you it was 🙂 Take care Majory I am sure no one cared about the shirt or the wart….your awesome! Warm Regards, Cyndi

    1. Cyndi,

      that has got to be one of the most creative methods yet!

  • I have had do deal with both the raised warts and seed warts at different times. I’ve found that duct tape works great if you cut a piece just big enough to cover the wart.

    I have also had great results using a paste of Tea Tree oil and baking soda. The trick is to only treat the wart and try to keep it off the surrounding healthy skin. I used this method for raised warts. They simply dry up and flake off. I have not had any return.

    Another thing to consider is testing your body pH. Most things that are viral in nature like an acidic environment to grow and reproduce.

    I use saliva test strips to determine the pH of my body. I simply “spit” on a strip each morning before you eat or drink anything. The color change on the strip indicates what my blood/saliva pH is. I then choose what I eat and drink that day to either maintain or increase my alkalinity.

    I am happy to say that since I keep my blood at a neutral (7.0 pH) or a bit higher, I have not had any more warts show up.

    Also, I appreciate the responses on using essential oils to eliminate warts. Good info. to know. =D

  • Take a Vitamin C (acidic) and Bandage it directly on the Wart – it’s
    OK to get it wet, it will dissolve slowly and kill&eat the Wart (even
    works on small mole/skintag). You can leave it on as long as needed or depending on degradation and it can be replaced with new ones.
    You can tailor the pill to your need, it can be cut/shaved, etc. I
    will usually use 1/4 1000mg pill per bandaid and maybe use a whole
    pill in a week or so depending on it’s degrading. It is also anti-biotic acting due to acidity. I took an irritating mole on my leg off this way and it took about 2 weeks and several applications – it did not cause bleeding or skin trouble but I had a red spot for months.

    I also believe in prayer – I have taught my daughters to put their finger on the wart daily and command it to die and fall off in Jesus’ Name! We have seen big nasty warts fall off within days with no sign of them left on the skin! I could go on and on………………

    1. Wow yes. Seems quite a few poeple are reporting that warts respond to thought and prayer quite well.

  • Judy Truax says:

    My Dad did this to a wart I had when I was a little girl and it didn’t come back for about 20 years. He wound sewing thread around the base of the wart once and pulled both ends of the thread until the base of the wart was tightened smaller. He did this about three times on different days until the wart just fell off–no bleeding. It was a small wart, so some may take more than three times.

  • Stella Stone says:

    My Granddaughter had warts on the backs of the fingers of both hands. I put vit E on cotton balls and taped to her fingers for about two days. It wasn’t continued after she went home, the warts finally disappeared.

  • I savor, resut in I dscovered exactly what I used tto be taking
    a look for. You’ve ended my 4 dayy long hunt! God Bless you man.
    Have a nice day. Bye

  • Caroline Cooper says:

    My daughter had a very large wart on her hand. She tried all the commercial preparations without success. Finally, she tried ionic silver gel under a band-aid. It took about three weeks but the wart was very large. We are now using ionic silver for all kinds of things. See here for more: http://eatkamloops.org/healthy-household-ionic-silver/.

  • John Erb says:

    Mix some baking soda with DMSO and rub on your wart daily for several days or more. It will kill the mold that makes the wart. Also baking soda with water put under your armpits will be your best deoderant.

  • Kathy J says:

    Three of my five kids battled warts fir a long time. My oldest, who was 17 at the time, just cut the warts out with his pocket knife. There was a lot of blood involved. But he must have cut out the root. It has not come back yet. That was 5 years ago. Now my daughter did not have the fortitude yo do that. She had 3 on her foot. We froze them. We burned them. We duct taped. We used tea tree oil. Nothing helped. As a last resort we got out the oregano essential oil. One drop right on top of the wart. 3x a day. The warts were gone in about a week.
    Just beware, if you get that stuff on your skin it burns!

    1. Oh Kathy, that wounds like another great method to add to the growing list! I really got to try one of these. Although I will miss my wart. LOL

  • Karen Tack says:

    Apple Cider Vinegar! Just put some ACV on a cotton ball (might need to tear one in half if they are too large), place over wart and secure with a bandaid overnight. This method may take a few days of treatment but the wart will eventually turn darker and come off like a scab – has worked every time with my young daughter 🙂

    1. Hi Karen,

      That sounds easy enough! Thanks for writing in.

  • Denise says:

    I had a wart on my palm when I was about 7 years old and my grandmother put milkweed milk on with a band aid. She told me it was an old Indian cure. We only did it for a couple of weeks and it dried up. I never had another wart on my hands after that. It doesn’t cost anything but time to find the milkweed. Hope you get rid of it.

  • King Richard says:

    As a kid, I had warts on my hands. I read somewhere at the time, that my body was lacking ZINC. I started eating more meat/fish/nuts to help my Zinc intake, and my warts slowly disappeared by themselves after many months.

  • Elushev Cohen says:

    I had a wart once that I spoke to and asked it to go away. And it suddenly got smaller and disappeared. A trick I learned from a dermatologist.

  • Sharon says:

    I had a wart growing on my face that was getting more noticeable. I started putting tea tree oil on it a couple times a day. It started to get dry on top and I could then scratch that off. It continued to dry a little each day, and after about 2 weeks of this it was gone. I read that the tea tree oil kills viruses and that warts are caused by viruses.

  • Combell says:

    I recently end natural treatment from herbalist healer which i used to got rid of my genital warts i only applied the treatment for one week, it so amazing i have eliminate this disease out from my body, i also recommend everyone suffering from this horrible disease should also be cure you can reach Dr sam via email; drsamherbalcentre@gmail.com

  • Derek says:

    Hi Marory!

    Warts are nasty and not fun. They are usually an indication of a slight deficiency in your immune system when battling HPV. It happens to a majority of people (myself included!). I had a painful verruca on the ball of my foot. For the longest time thought it was a callus! Did some research and used a combination of ACV, nail polish, banana peels, and duct tape to get rid of it forever! I created a method called Verruca’s Kryptonite, which shows you how to get rid of your warts quickly and successfully.

    There are so many different natural remedies you can use. Did you know you can use aspirin and also eggplant to battle warts? If your children get warts, using eggplant may take a little longer but is much nicer to your skin and results in less irritation, especially if your child is sensitive.

  • Loyd says:

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