How Cryptocurrency Can Help You Achieve Independence From Big Banks and Big Government

Learn how cryptocurrency can help you beat inflation, censorship, and government control—and all you need to know to start investing in it!

Cryptocurrency provides relief from rampant money printing and inflation. (The Grow Network)

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Update 8/9/2021: We just found out that John will be offering a free class this Wednesday, August 11, from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. CT so you can get a taste of what to expect in this weekend’s workshop. Click here to register for the free session.  

The Truth About Funny Money

We are living in unprecedented times.

In the wake of COVID-19, economic problems and government overreach have accelerated at breakneck speeds.

While media pundits and talking heads parroted the illusion that the economy was booming before COVID, many people are well aware that the national debt was climbing and the Federal Reserve was printing money like it was going out of style.

It should come as no surprise then with the advent of a crisis, that governments would only increase their spending, money creation, and intrusion into our lives.

What’s the result of all of that funny money?

You guessed it … inflation.

Inflation Is Only Getting Worse

Inflation is only getting worse, but cryptocurrency can help you beat it! (The Grow Network)

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What was once the talk of survivalists and gold buffs has now broken into the mainstream.

It’s no longer some far-off possibility; inflation is here, and it’s only getting worse.

And that’s not the only financial problem we are facing. Federal and state governments have managed to get countless people dependent on them for sustenance through extended unemployment benefits and universal basic income schemes.

These alarming trends are showing no signs of letting up.

Increasing Surveillance and Control

Cryptocurrency can help you beat increased government surveillance and control. (The Grow Network)

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It’s not just the financial woes we should be worried about. Technocrats, bureaucrats, and controlling politicians are definitely not letting this crisis go to waste. They are taking every opportunity they have to increase the amount of surveillance and control they have over the

Many jurisdictions have implemented or are pushing for immunity passports, which are digital certificates that show whether you have received the COVID-19 vaccine or not.

Big tech and mobile phone companies implemented contact tracing technology that literally tracked people’s every move as it related to those around them. It should come as no surprise that on numerous occasions, this technology was being used outside of its original scope and was even utilized to track anti-lockdown protestors!

Cryptocurrency: Hope for Free-Thinking People

Cryptocurrency provides hope for free-thinking people. (The Grow Network)

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One top of all that, censorship is being utilized to silence dissent. Not only are opinions and social media accounts being censored, but people, businesses, and organizations that speak out against the status quo are having their payment-processing capabilities shut down!

While this may all seem rather daunting, there are new technologies and innovations that are providing hope to free-thinking people all over the world.

Cryptocurrency is a technology that gives people control over their money and their information.

Created in 2008 with the invention of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency has quickly grown and evolved into a global industry that is disrupting banking, payment processing, and even social media.

With inflation on the rise, many people are putting their wealth into Bitcoin and other cryptos with a fixed supply. Unlike the United States Dollar and other fiat currencies, these digital currencies cannot be inflated at the whims of the financial elite.

The Innovation of Digital Scarcity

One of the great innovations of Bitcoin was the development of digital scarcity.

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One of the great innovations of Bitcoin was the development of digital scarcity. This made it impossible for Bitcoin to be cloned or counterfeited.

Bitcoin is capped at a supply of 21 million, meaning that rather than being inflationary, it’s deflationary … which means there is a tendency for the value or price of each unit to go up.

This has definitely been the case since Bitcoin inception, with the price recently reaching $40,000!

The Buzz About Decentralized Finance

There is a lot of buzz right now about decentralized finance or DeFi. DeFi allows people to earn interest for supplying money to a “smart contract” or on the other side, they can take out low-interest loans without having to do a credit check or give up any personal information.

This trend in decentralized finance will most certainly disrupt the entire financial industry.

On top of being a means to protect one’s wealth from inflation, cryptocurrency also gives people the freedom to choose whom they do business with. This means that even if a government or bank doesn’t like your values or what you are selling, you can still maintain a payment channel with your clients or make purchases from your favorite vendor.

This is especially important as it is becoming common for those that stand against the prevailing narrative to have their ability to accept donations be taken from them.

Not with cryptocurrency!

It can’t be shut down as it is decentralized and there is no one party or group in charge of it.

Take That, Big Tech! (Censor-Proof Social Media)

Learn how cryptocurrency provides censor-proof social media capabilities. (Take that, Big Tech!)

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One incredible innovation that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology brings to the table is censor-proof social media.

Decentralized programs like LBRY (also known as Odysee) are
enabling people to host video content, much like YouTube, but since the media is recorded on the blockchain it cannot be taken down or censored!

Take that, Big Tech!

The truth is, cryptocurrency has been providing immense value for a good number of people for quite some time.

Unfortunately for many, however, it can be a bit overwhelming when they first get involved.

While there are countless videos and guides online, it’s difficult to find educational material that is clear cut and simple.

Clear-Cut, Simple Instruction for Getting Started With Cryptocurrency

Learn how to buy, sell, and send cryptocurrency ... and to start securing your financial future. (The Grow Network)

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To help those who want to purchase and take advantage of cryptocurrency but feel that it’s a bit over their head, cryptocurrency expert John Bush is offering a LIVE workshop called, “Cryptocurrency for Beginners.”

The workshop, which will offer ample opportunity for questions and answers, is taking place via Zoom on August 14 and 15.

“Cryptocurrency for Beginners”

Live, Interactive Workshop With Cryptocurrency Expert John Bush
Saturday, August 14, and Sunday, August 15
Click Here to Register Now

(And if you’d like a sneak peek, you can register for John’s free webinar here.)  

John has been educating people about cryptocurrency since 2012 and has helped thousands of people get started in the space. He conducted many consultations with people from all levels of understanding and aims to make this complex topic as consumable as possible.

The workshop will teach attendees how to purchase crypto safely, how to store it securely, and how to send and receive it without it getting lost in the ether. John will also cover top altcoins to consider and will even share how to get started with decentralized finance.

If you would like to learn more about his workshop or get a ticket to attend, click here.

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  • Darrel Ames says:

    Is this a free workshop or am I expected to pay $197? If it’s not free I’ll pass. Not spending that kind of money on something I know nothing about. Also, very hard to follow how to get to the workshop you mentioned. If the poorly organized website is an indication of the workshops then $197 is way overpriced. Very confusing website.

    1. Merin Porter says:

      Hi Darrel, Thanks for your feedback! I just found out that John Bush is planning to offer a free class this Wednesday, August 11, 2021 — sort of a “sneak peek” at his upcoming workshop. Here’s the link if you’d like to check it out! https://livefree.academy/sp/cryptocurrency-for-beginners-workshop/?ref=1

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