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The Grow Network DIY Hose Repair Challenge

With $500 In Prizes!


If you have a great technique for fixing hoses, we have a contest for you!  $500 in prizes is up for grabs.

You can enter the link to your YouTube video, or an article with photos.   If you have the file in a word doc or other format contact us at for it to be uploaded.

Deadline for entries is October 15th, 2016.

Note: Your entry must be your own original work and any photos  must be your own creation (and yes, we do check).  For a full set of rules and and requirements for entries, click here. 

Be sure to write a good descriptive headline so people will be able to easily find your information later when they need it.  And have a friend or two check your work and edit corrections before you enter.

Article and Contest Submissions

This is the place to enter your articles for our monthly contests. Note that you can also enter photos too - but please make sure they are your originals (we don't want any copywrite problems!)
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