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Alternative Strategies for a Disrupted Water Supply
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date_range December 10, 2015
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What to Do When the Water Stops Running Most all of us have gotten up one morning or another, turned on the faucet, and gotten a big, fat nothing com
Do You Know What to Do If Your Water Becomes Contaminated?
Anthony ..
date_range August 23, 2015
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Back in 2015, the EPA spilled millions of gallons of toxic waste into a river in Colorado. This single event turned an entire river system orange with
Thinking Outside the Box, Inside the Greenhouse
date_range June 11, 2015
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Most of us are familiar with the expression about learning to think outside the box, a metaphor for using creative or unconventional thinking in probl
Marjory Reviews the “Survival Still”
Marjory ..
date_range October 07, 2014
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When the bottled water runs out in an emergency situation, what's your next move? Marjory reviews the Survival Still as a possible option.
You Can’t Grow Food Without Water; World Water Update
date_range July 15, 2014
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(Marjoy's note; this article by Lester Brown of the Earth Policy Institute is an excellent overview of how we stand in regards to our planets most pre