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Kids and Animals: Natural Explorers
Melissa ..
date_range November 01, 2017
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Nature holds a fascination for all people, but kids are especially entranced by the natural world. Teaching children the role animals play in a health
Homesteading Basics: Shave Your Long-Haired Dogs?
date_range October 14, 2016
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I have 2 livestock guardian dogs, and they are both Great Pyrenees-mixes. My dogs love their lifestyle. They don’t come in the house, ever, and qu
Homesteading Basics: Working Your Homestead Farm Dogs
date_range September 23, 2016
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Farm Dogs Get Hurt, and Caring For Them is Hard Farm dogs get hurt - that's a fact of life that nobody's going to be able to change. No matter what yo
Severe Leg Wound and Sepsis Healing in a Dog
date_range February 05, 2016
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How I Met Max Warning: This post contains graphic images.  But hang in there... they get better. :) I was sitting in the house one morning trying to
Some Thoughts on Kidney Stones
date_range January 22, 2016
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A Boxer with Some Real Energy Max is one of those Boxers that fills every room he enters. Nicest dog in the world, but man, what a lot of energy! When