Bobwhite Quail Production and Management Guide

young-quail If you recall I got a small flock of quail a few months ago. I just love those pickled quail eggs, and I’ve been intrigued by quail ever since I shot that video with Leo about how he grows them (see the video here)

I immediately moved them into a bigger cage than Leo has setup – it is just too small IMHO.  And I’ve been having some problems with them laying eggs. Apparently they need more light than natural sunlight offers me in the winter time. But how much light do they really want, and for how long do they want it?

After reviewing a bunch of docs online, I found a fairly good pdf document that discusses all the basic needs and knowledge for growing quail. This is a pdf created by the Cooperative Extension Service at The University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

The document is intended for commercial businesses that will produce large quantities of quail for the hunting trade. Like many extension service documents, this one contains a lot of useful information on the essentials for lighting, housing, incubation, brooding, feed, temperature, sanitation, and diseases. I don’t agree with everything in the document, especially regarding health and sanitation; they recommend using antibiotics, and I don’t support that. These production techniques aren’t really appropriate for backyard food production. But overall it is a very informative document, and I am grateful for the work of the extension service.

Click here to read or download the pdf “Bobwhite Quail Production and Management Guide.”

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  • Mike63Denver says:

    Marjory Wildcraft, who emphasizes studying creation and adoring creatures, seems to attract the praise of both extraordinary and ordinary people particularly with respect to the casual link between nature lovers and Phds in the life sciences.

  • Michael Hylton says:

    Love the article and Thanks for the PDF re: Bobwhite Quail.

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