Does Blessing Your Seeds Make A Difference?

Most of us bless our seeds and talk to our plants—but does it really matter? Does your blessing somehow help the little seeds come to life? Is there power in your focused thoughts? Does your good intention make a difference?

Or are you just wasting your time with useless “woo woo”?

I believe in the power of intention.

I believe that your blessings do matter.

I believe that focused thoughts make a difference.

I like to think of the analogy of light. Light, by itself, only illuminates. But combine a stream of light into a focused beam, and you’ve got a laser that can cut through steel.

As a community, could The Grow Network come together to focus our thoughts and affect the physical world—like a laser?

I am going to conduct some tests to see if we can measure a significant difference in plant growth when our community comes together to focus on a tray of seeds. Can we see a significant difference between seeds that were blessed versus those that were not?

Want to participate?

I could use your help. 😊

I’ll be conducting three separate trials over three Sundays. To participate, all you will need to do is set aside 10 minutes at noon CT on each of the three Sundays to bless a tray of seeds. You can do the blessing for all three trials, or just one. Our intention will be for the seedlings in the blessed tray to grow bigger than the seedlings in the control (unblessed) trays.

The three Sundays are:

  • Sunday, November 25, 2018
  • Sunday, December 2, 2018
  • Sunday, December 9, 2018

Will the focused thoughts and prayers from a large group of remote people make a measurable difference on the seedlings’ growth?

Let’s find out!


When you register, I’ll give you:

  1. The complete details on how the experiment will be set up and conducted
  2. A 10-minute suggested blessing in both .mp3 and .pdf formats that you can download
  3. An automated reminder sequence to help you remember to do the blessing (Gosh, I often forget things like this, so let’s set up e-mail and SMS reminders, OK?)
  4. A simple feedback tool to let me know if you did the blessing (so I can estimate how many people participated)
  5. Free membership in the most interesting and fun community of people who are growing their own food, making their own medicine, and becoming extraordinarily healthy

Here is the link to participate in the experiment—and be sure to share this with your friends!


See you on the other side. 😊


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This post was written by Marjory Wildcraft


  • Grammyprepper says:

    I would absolutely love to participate in this Marjory, but I am usually busy at work at the specified time. I don’t pray over my seeds when planting, but I do talk to my plants while they are growing and thank them for the food they give me. I talk to my houseplants when I water and prune them. So I totally get this, and look forward to the results of the experiment!

  • Scott Sexton says:

    This is going to be great! I’ll definitely help! I’m a big believer in intention.

  • k9nan2000 says:

    Years ago my friend asked me to transplant and water her house plant. It was a 4 floor walk up and i was really pissed by the time i yanked the plant from its pot and flung it onto the newspaper she provided. An instant later i was gripped by a paralyzing terror. I sat on the floor, my back to the wall, shaking, and wondering what had happened. When i finally noticed the poor plant, i was flooded with remorse. I hugged it and apologized from the depth of my heart. Suddenly i was filled with joy as i gently repotted it. Years later i was driving down a long road lined on both sides by miles of trees that were whipping wildly in a gale wind. Afraid one would fall on the car, i told the trees that i was frightened, and asked for their help. Suddenly, the trees next to the car stood perfectly still while the ones ahead and behind continued whipping violently. For 2 miles, the trees next to the car stilled long enough for me to pass. It was an awe inspiring experience(and lesson).

  • Marjory Wildcraft says:

    Wow! K9non2000… that is the most incredible story! Amazing… I am going to share this with the TGN team.

  • janehowe says:

    At 1PM EST, I logged into the 10 minute blessing. To be honest, I had a really hard time focusing on the chosen tray. It seemed unfair to all the others since they were all equal. But then I remembered the Beatles song “In My Life”. So even though I loved them all, I loved the chosen tray of seeds more.

    1. Marjory Wildcraft says:

      Hi Jane, I felt the same way! LOL.

      I am not sure if you know Carl Deppe – the author of “Grow Your Own Vegetable Varities”, but she and I were discussing this and she said, why don’t you curse the other three?

      Ouch! But after we talked about it some more neither one of us could bring ourselves to curse anything. LOL

      In my heart I give thanks to all of them for their lives and service in this experiment and tell them that it will help the people to plant relationship. .

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