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Okay, so I’m not going to lie—I had a blast a couple of nights ago at TGN’s Ask Me Anything! podcast. This is the first time we’ve used this format (think homesteading meets Car Talk), and it really went well.

David the Good and I answered questions on no-till gardening solutions for heavy clay soils, what to look for in a permaculture design course, how to deal with underground hornets’ nests, what exactly you should and shouldn’t add to your compost pile (are all those rules really necessary?!) … the list goes on and on!

Being able to connect with David and me like this every month is a perk of our Honors Lab subscription, but there were so many good questions (and … dare I say it … so many good answers!!! 😉 ) that I thought you might enjoy reading the transcript!

Read the Ask Me Anything! Podcast Transcript Here

(Oh, and if you want to join the Honors Lab and get it on the fun next month, you can subscribe here. It’s just $9.95 a month … and you get so, so much more than just an invitation to each month’s Ask Me Anything! podcast!)

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This post was written by Marjory Wildcraft


  • Sarah says:

    There is no link to read the transcript.

    1. Merin Porter says:

      Sarah, thank you for this! I’ve gotten it fixed, so it should be working now!

  • Brenda says:

    Sarah is correct, there is no link.

    1. Merin Porter says:

      Thanks, Brenda! So sorry! It should be working now…..

  • Brodo says:

    Confirming no link.

    Also, I know this is only the first one, but would it be possible to post the audio of the AMA for Honors Lab members? I wasn’t able to listen to it live and am anxious to hear what was said.

    1. Merin Porter says:

      Hi Brodo, Thanks for the question! If you log in as an Honors Lab member and click on “View My Dashboard” in the upper right-hand corner, you should be able to access the recording in the “My Honors Lab Premium Content” section. I think you’ll enjoy listening — it was a lot of fun!

  • kenww53 says:

    Yes there is absolutely no link

    1. Merin Porter says:

      Thank you so much, Ken! The link should be working now…. So sorry for the inconvenience!

  • texas1030 says:

    I just downloaded the Ask Me Anything podcast transcript. 49 pages.

  • Mark says:

    I realize that the interview rambled all over the place. Please put something together that organizes the topics and responses. I scrolled and read for about 10 minutes, and was totally lost.
    I still don’t know what “not” to put in my compost pile. Maybe you could have answered that in the email linking to this podcast transcript as a lead in to the transcript.

  • Marjory Wildcraft says:

    Wow, that is the craziest image for a blog post ever! Is it a dog head and porcupine body???

    I am wondering if instead of offering a transcript of the podcast, if we offered the audio to download or listen to – would that be more useful? Let me know what you think.

  • Michele says:

    I am on my way to Ecuador and am wondering if this site will be of any use to me in my new country. I will be growing coffee and cocoa trees, raising fresh water shrimp, perhaps delving into prawns, growing Tahitian vanilla, and raising Talapia. I like the idea of this website, but I will have no time for reading that may not help with my situation.

    Hoping for a positive response……


    1. Marjory Wildcraft says:

      Hi Michele,

      David the Good – the co-host of our monthly AMA, lives in a tropcial region quite similar to Equador.

      TGN is a global community! And we don’t like wasting time either – we value usefulness and simplicity. Those are not just some vlaues picked up and mouthed – we do our best to live them. You’ll love it here.

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