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The Grow Network
date_range April 29, 2021
view_list Education

We've just released the movie trailer for our upcoming Grow System Summit, featuring live interviews with 10 experts in self-sufficiency, growing food

DIY Potting Soil Recipe Using 3 Simple Ingredients
David The Good
date_range April 26, 2021
view_list Composting

Homemade potting soil with just three ingredients? You bet! Here's an organic potting soil recipe that your container gardens and potted plants will l

Chicken Coop Design: Meeting Your Chickens’ 6 Basic Needs
The Grow Network
date_range April 23, 2021
view_list Chickens

The best chicken coop design addresses all 6 of a flock's basic needs. Here's how to plan your coop so your chickens stay happy and safe!

Homemade Hummingbird Food: 3 Ways to Save Time & Money
Merin Porter
date_range April 22, 2021
view_list Homesteading Skills

Save time and money making homemade hummingbird food with the shortcuts and recipes in this article!

Fertilize Container Gardens: 4 Steps to Success
Michael Ford
date_range April 22, 2021
view_list Compost & Soil

This beginner-friendly guide to fertilizing container gardens explores the how and when of feeding your potted herbs and vegetables.

Using Dandelions: 31+ Recipes & Remedies
Scott Sexton
date_range April 19, 2021
view_list Flowers and Ornamentals

Dandelions are the king of weeds—edible from root to flower, and possessing powerful medicinal properties. Here's how to use them.

Composting Meat, Dairy, Bones, and Human Waste!
David The Good
date_range April 17, 2021
view_list Chickens

Turn your "non-compostable" garbage—meat, dairy, bones, bread, oils (and yes, even human waste!)—into black gold for your garden using the tips in