Antibiotics in Dirt ‘Annihilate’ Superbugs

According to a study published this week in the journal Nature Microbiology, researchers at New York’s Rockefeller University have discovered a new class of antibiotics—called malacidins—that “annihilate” several antibiotic-resistant superbugs.

As you know, the lack of still-effective antibiotics is quickly becoming a global crisis. In fact, the study says, “In the absence of new therapies, mortality rates due to untreatable infections are predicted to rise more than tenfold by 2050.”

So where did researchers discover these new “drugs”?

In good old-fashioned dirt!

Those of us who strive for healthy soil and appreciate its incredibly active microbiology won’t be surprised to hear that. (And, actually, soil is where most of our widely used antibiotics started, including penicillin and vancomycin.)

You can learn more about the study’s finding here, or click here to read the study itself.


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  • Scott Sexton says:

    Well that’s 1,000% relevant. Thanks!!! Can’t wait to read the full study.

  • Felicia Kohn says:

    Thank you for this article. All those whom believe in the power of holistic medicine needs to keep speaking and sharing. Energy medicine from the ground and nature is where I believe we are suppose to find the nutrients to fulfill our bodies in every way. I am going to use this journal article as one of my sources to write my research paper in my health economics class. The subject is the economic impact of holistic medicine verses allopathic medicine and how a shift in modality of our current health system will lower the cost of rising health care expenditures. Thank you…

  • MJ Raichyk says:

    So think about those self-promoting million$ scare statistics of tenfold demise of human life in 30 years, and figure those sorts of calculating drug thinker$ have even worse prognosis for the CAFO animal production… b/c the living conditions of those poor animals is so life-draining… and the CAFO owners now depend on the existing antibiotics to OBESIFY the animals and to keep them barely alive long enough to ‘harvest’ them… so faced with a wipe out of those operations… HOW LONG DO WE FIGURE TIL WE’LL START FINDING THESE *NEW* SOIL MICROBES IN OUR PROCESSED “food”… and what will that do to human life… sorry to rain on your celebration with this bit of reality……. ttyl

    1. JJ says:

      Just another thing humans can easily fix by going vegan. Humans are so greedy and stubborn that they won’t go there.

      1. Linda says:

        “They” are poisoning fruits and vegetables, too! I’m a vegetarian and it is increasingly difficult to find fruits and vegetables that are even grown in the USA! The stores are charging top dollar for “organic” produce from Mexico and China, etc. If anyone trusts those countries, I have a bridge I’d like to sell them! Read the little sticky tags on the produce: you might be surprised that the store label says product of USA, but the item, itself, is labeled differently. Try to find a seedless cucumber that was grown here. I have restricted my diet because I refuse to eat foods from other countries. Besides the fact that I do not want to support the economies of those countries over my own country, I also do not trust their farming practices. Has anyone else noticed that Clementines are more often than not a product of Morocco? Really? We have to import food from Morocco? Keep it!!!!!! What about your fresh ginger? Probably a product of China. The Grow Network has made us aware of a very important and life altering fact: If we don’t grow our own food, we are likely putting our lives in the hands of evil, untrustworthy people who ARE poisoning us. p.s. To all the globalists out there who don’t agree with my post, bully for you; YOU eat the toxic food if you want to, but don’t expect the rest of us to follow you down the cancer path! You are entitled to your PC comments and I am entitled to state the truth!!

  • Michael MacCalla says:

    The only problem lies in the Pharmaceutical companies regulations, and the laws. They can’t patent a natural organism or substance.

    My hope would be that this could turn into a treatment for MRSA. There is a growing and serious problem with it around here.

  • Marv Krupp says:

    Sounds like an interesting piece to come. Two quick comments: 1. for the “everyone needs to be a vegan, or they’re greedy” comment, at least do yourself a favor and read up a little on the massive amount of research done on blood-type…as it relates to just about everything. 2. If you can get by all the scammers looking for a quick busk, there is considerable study showing that properly made/used colossal silver can really help with many superbugs.

  • Jack Van says:

    This is a nice find but Hypochlorous Acid kills all “Superbugs”, bacteria, viruses and fungi known to man! Just google hocl/body to verify

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