Prepare Your Body For Winter; How To Wrap Your Kidneys

Learn how to wrap your kidneys

Have you ever heard of a kidney wrap? It is a simple, but powerful technique to take care of your body during the winter months.

It soothes the adrenals and ensures your body will be ready to have a fabulous Spring. This amazing health technique used to be well known by humanity that lived in cold climates, and you’ll recognize the truth of it when looking at the fashions people wore in old photos.

If you want to know more about Doug Simons work, check out his video “Treating Infections Without Antibiotics” here:

(Updated: originally published October 2013.) 

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Marjory Wildcraft is an Expedition Leader and Bioneer Blogger with The [Grow] Network, which is an online community that recognizes the wisdom of "homegrown food on every table." Marjory has been featured as an expert on sustainable living by National Geographic, she is a speaker at Mother Earth News fairs, and is a returning guest on Coast to Coast AM. She is an author of several books, but is best known for her "Grow Your Own Groceries" video series, which is used by more than 300,000 homesteaders, survivalists, universities, and missionary organizations around the world.

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  • This is great! I’ve done this on my own not having ANY idea that it was a technique for the kidneys. I did feel very warm and comforted from it, and thought it was just an odd thing that I enjoyed.

    Thanks for this great knowledge.

  • G!

    This makes perfect sense. I have read about keeping the kidneys warm before, but have forgotten about it! I have found that I fall asleep easier and better if I take a hot shower and concentrate the water…on my back/kidneys! Or a hot water bottle…on my back/kidneys! as well as core warmth. It is very comforting to have a pillow supporting…my back/kidneys when laying on my side. My children, when babies, loved to have their back supported when on their side. Or sleeping with one or two sweaters (together) to cover by back/kidney area. Having forgotten the information I once read, I now realize that I was doing these things for kidney comfort! I will get an alpaca or natural fiber scarf for sure!

  • Stephanie W.

    Thank you for sharing this simple but effective tip!

  • Cindy

    Any suggestions on where to find a suitable wool kidney wrap?

    • Hmmm, I guess I was lucky to find that source. Uh, EBay? Or better yet, any local people in the weaving arts?

  • Christi

    Very interesting and good to know! Where does one find such a kidney wrap??

    Many thanks!

    • Any good scarf will work. As Doug suggests, a natural fiber will be best. But use what you have!

    • sandy

      JC Penny’s was selling their wool Pashima’s (I think that’s the spelling) on sale just a week or so ago. It’s after Xmas now, so many will be on sale. Scarves r the big trend in fashion this year, so it’s easy to find them in women’s accessories in most large department stores. Check for the fabric content, like he said, wool, alpaca, llama, even cotton or linen would do, just not as warm. Good luck!

  • Chris

    This is off topic for this article but time has not been my friend recently and I missed your article on getting off sugar. Just a quick thought – has anyone recommended you supplement with Chromium? I’m not an herbalist but I’ve heard or read that your body will crave sugar if it’s deficient in Chromium – which you’ll usually find as Chromium Picolinate.
    All the best in your endeavor….

    • Hi Chris,

      I am still looking into supplements. I’ll be posting an article on the full ‘sugar no more’ plan next Tuesday.

  • Carroll the Irishman

    I enjoy your video’s but, may I make a suggestion. Turn UP your audio. It would be great to hear you WITHOUT earphones. I’m a bit hard of hearing but, the tone of your voice makes it difficult to hear you while I can hear other people pretty clear that you have on. It’s due to my time in the military. Ears are blown out. Hope this will reach you and “Thanks” for your info.

  • Rhonda Pratt

    Wonderful to know! I live in Alaska, and some times before the car warms up I get chilled to the bone (or maybe kidneys) I will absolutely try this this winter. Thanks for all of the wonderful information!

  • Cindy

    I think our grandparents used to do this. thanks for the reminder. Especially good for people who have to work out in the cold.

  • joyce frankel

    I passed by a video on youtube the other day about “A Japanese Nudest Camp.” (Didn’t know there was any such thing) Well, guess what the only article of clothing they were wearing? LOL, a kidney wrap!!

  • I love your videos. The volume is way too low. I had to turn up the volume all the way on m computer and strain to hear it. Thanks

  • Selene

    I’m waking up more refreshed by doing this. I must be getting better sleep. I’m going see if this works with my husbank.

  • selene

    I am waking up more refreshed with this wrap. I must be getting better sleep.

  • Sharon

    Thanks you so much!
    My husband and I got a miserable back ache about the same time. It’s been days of awful pain and difficult functioning.
    We have been hauling warm water to animals and it’s been below zero so I thought that was all there was to it.
    Then I remembered your kidney wrap video!
    We had all ready been to our chiropractor who usually does an awesome job but not this time.
    I put a wrap on and within 24 hours I was much better and now it’s been 48 and I can function normally!
    Thank you sooo much!
    Sure appreciate all you do.

  • june

    I wore one today. The weather here wasn’t as cold as it has been the last week so I’m not sure it was that but I was warm. I hope this really works like they say because I am outside a lot on some days even though the weather is really cold! Thanks

  • Linda Strang

    Why is it that when I type in I only get porn sites? I was expecting Doug Simons!!

  • Left Coast Chuck

    For centuries the Japanese have worn a garment called a “haramaki”. It was generally wool and was a simple tube that covered the stomach and back area. The Japanese believe that the stomach is the core of the body and if it is warm, the rest of the body is warm. I haven’t tried yet, but probably if you entered “haramaki” into google search you could come up with vendors. If there is a Japanese hardware or clothing store near you, they may have haramaki in stock or can direct you to where you can purchase it.

  • Left Coast Chuck

    After I wrote the above I went to google search and entered haramaki, selected haramaki belly wrap and found that there were 3,900 some entries. You can purchase them on line. Don’t be put off by the advertising that seems to indicate that they are mainly for pregnant women. In Japan, most of the outdoor workers wear them during the winter and sometimes that’s the only upper garment they wear in the summer. They also also favored by the yakuza who have a very strong emphasis on machismo. There are no “girly men” in a yakuza group.

  • stephanie

    I have always tied a long sleeve shirt or sweater around my waist in the winter. I always feel warmer and comfortable when I do, warmer than wearing the top, even with short sleeves. Doug is so correct!

  • Shelby

    It is interesting. Part of my body agrees with what you are saying, and I do this for a while before breakfast almost every day. It also reduces spinal compression. HOWEVER, this same thing, if I leave it on loosening it some (even a lot) gives me horrible indigestion. The same thing continues throughout the day, so I’ve been forced to stop except for my pre-breakfast walk/chores.

  • Victory

    Amazing! As far back as I can remember I have been doing this without realizing that I was actually using a kidney wrap. I wrap around a scarf when feeling any pain or discomfort and sometimes even without it as it is very helpful. This is the first time I got a name for that wrap around I use 🙂 Thank you for the explanation.

  • Thanks for reminding me about this simple technique for health and adrenal well being.

  • I found this organic cotton one. I now remember wearing one when pregnant for my 13 & 16 year old boys!

  • Betsy

    This is exactly in line with what the Taoists teach. Yes, the kidneys need to be warm in the winter. It will make your low back feel stronger. I have been wearing a wrap to work and also when I am home anytime I get a chill and also to bed at night in the winter. Very comforting and strengthening. The kidneys are your “sparkplugs”. They help you get thru that long winter and any season for that matter. Treat them and your adrenal glands with kindness and they will support you in the long run!

  • .

    I have never hered of this before!!!!!

  • .

    very iteresting

  • Brenda

    Great idea! Almost like a form of swaddling for adults, grin!

  • ellen

    Very interesting I’ve never heard this before. I’m learning so much from the grow network.

  • Kim

    My father always told me to keep my kidneys warm when I was young (I’m 54 now). I experienced cold kidneys when I was 11, and never forgot his advice. I always make sure my middle is covered. So much more comfortable.

  • Thanks for the reminder! My dad who grew up in Hungary always told me to keep my kidneys warm!

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