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You’ll Avoid Another Desperate Trip to The Doctor Because You Don’t Know What to Do!  And You’ll NEVER Rip Up Another Prescription for Antibiotics That You Didn’t Want In The First Place!

Because Once You Watch This IMPRESSIVE 10-Lesson Video Series,
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Dear Friend,

It’s a little embarrassing, isn’t it?

We’ve all been there.

You know antibiotics are almost never the solution.  And yet when an infection takes you by surprise… you don’t always know what to do.

So you reluctantly drive to the doctor’s office . . .

. . . And you politely accept a prescription for antibiotics.

(With no intention of filling it!)

Then you try to “wait out” the infection, hoping it gets better.

And maybe you get lucky.

Or, maybe after weeks of misery, you take the drugs.

You know it’s like dropping bombs on your immune system… and you know antibiotics can do more harm than good.

But what else can you do?

When you’re in pain, it’s hard not to reach for the “quick fix.”

What if I could give you a BETTER SOLUTION . . .fast ?

When Faced With A Medical Emergency, Would YOU Know What To Do?
Could You Avoid Taking Antibiotics?
Could You Avoid Exposing Yourself (And Your Family) To Secondary Infections & Illness By Staying Away From Hospitals?  

If you’re reading this, you’re probably somebody who is already comfortable handling minor illnesses
like colds and flues with natural remedies . . .

. . . Like honey, lemon, and ginger. 

Maybe you already have some:

  • Echinacea
  • Oil of Oregano
  • Apple Cider Vinegar 

    . . . For days when you’re feeling under the weather.

You’re quick to use these remedies when you feel a cold coming on . . . or muscles are achy . . .

. . . Because you ALREADY know how to use them, and you ALREADY know they work.

But what happens when you’re faced
with something MORE SERIOUS?

For example . . .

  • Would you know what to do if your partner accidentally spilled a pan of boiling water on your child?
  • What if a small cut on your hand started to swell and look infected? (Would you recognize blood poisoning?)
  • What if you were bitten by a brown recluse spider?
  • Or your dog got bit by a snake?
  • Would you recognize a staph infection?  And know how to treat it without antibiotics?
  • How about if you stumbled and sprained your ankle… and it started to swell?
  • What if your mom took a bad fall?  And gashed her arm and knee?

. . . Do you know how to handle these common medical emergencies without racing to the hospital?

Because honestly, most people don’t.

Yet what if I told you . . .

You don’t always need to rush to your doctor for help? 

What if I told you that in less than 90 minutes, you could easily and effortlessly learn a series of NATURAL treatments?

Home remedies and skills that can be used to soothe and heal almost any injury while preventing and fighting infection (so you won’t need antibiotics)?

. . . And what if I told you that these treatments are SO SIMPLE that you’ll be able to easily MASTER, REMEMBER, and APPLY them!

Even during an emergency!

820 People Gave Me $26,486 So I Could Share These
Almost-Forgotten Herbal Healing Secrets With You.

Not long ago, I shared my vision with the world…

… And I got a big “HECK YEAH” in response.

When I told my friends and network of subscribers that I’d run out of money halfway through production of a new video series that I’d filmed with Master Herbalist Doug Simons, called “Treating Infections Without Antibiotics”...

… The response I got was overwhelming.

A whopping 820 people agreed to invest $26,486, so that I could complete this ground-breaking training program and get the video to you – TODAY!

Here’s a screen shot of our Indiegogo fundraising campaign:

It was a relief to discover that I’m not alone . . . and that I’m not the only one with a fire under my rear to educate myself and those closest to me . . .

We’re facing the end of modern medicine as we know it.

And knowledge of ancient healing traditions is about to become priceless.

This is why I want you to have this video right away . . .

Our Medical System Is Being Driven Back To The 1800s
A Time When Common Infections Will Once Again Kill.

The glory days of antibiotics are over.

Since penicillin was first prescribed 73 years ago, it has saved millions of lives. 

But now it’s clear, thanks to the overuse of antibiotics, we’ve helped nature breed dangerous strains of superbugs that are, quite literally, killing us.

Our medical system is being driven back to the late 1800s – a time when simple infections kill.  And health experts around the globe are beginning to panic.

Superbugs are emerging, resistant to all antibiotic treatments.

And doctors are being forced to cut out infections, amputate, and, in worst case scenarios, watch their patients die slow, agonizing deaths.

In October 2015, the World Health Organization went boldly on record, saying:

Dr. Margaret Chan, Director-General

World Health Organization (WHO)

“With few replacement products in the pipeline, the world is heading toward a post-antibiotic era in which common infections will once again kill.

. . . All because bacteria that are hundreds of millions of years old evolve far too fast for medical science to keep up.

And unfortunately . . .

The Cavalry Isn’t Coming
(Prepare to Save Yourself…)

It’s expensive to develop new antibiotics. 

It takes roughly 20 years to see a return on investment, and some of these new drugs work for as little as six months before bacteria develop a resistance.

So it should come as no surprise:

Fewer and fewer drug companies are investing in antibiotic research and development.

As the World Health Organization has pointed out:

We’re not reacting fast enough to contain the global spread of superbugs and antimicrobial resistance.

Bacteria spread too easily, through poor sanitation, human error, inappropriate food handling, and more.

When antibiotics no longer work, knowledge of ancient healing traditions that cultures around the world have relied on for 1,000s of years before the rise of “modern medicine” will once again be PRICELESS.

So we need to start preparing now, to save ourselves . . .

And that’s why I want you to meet Doug Simons . . .

Get The Skills Your Family Will Need To
Fight Infection In A Post-Antibiotic World

I first met Doug Simons in the shade of a Palo Duro tree in the Sonoran Desert.  

He was giving a talk on healing teeth with herbal medicine. And what he said that day made so much sense . . . his insights were so earthy and simple . . .

. . . I’ve relied on his healing wisdom ever since.  

As a young child, Doug began learning about the healing properties of plants from his mother. 

Then, at the age of 17, he took a humblecha, a ceremonial vision quest of Native American tradition, where his life’s calling was revealed to him…

He would spend his life connecting people to the earth through the healing potential of plants.

 His experiences include:

  •  Traveling to study and practice herbal medicine all over the Western United States, Mexico, Central America, and South America.

  •  Learning from many indigenous cultures, including the Tarahumara, the Tohono O’Odham, and the Navajo.

  •  He even spent over 20 years living primitively, almost wild, in the Sonoran Desert and other wilderness areas.

I am honored to have Doug as one of my personal mentors . . .

. . . And I’m excited to be YOUR BRIDGE to learning these ancient healing practices with Doug, too. 

In this EXCLUSIVE 10-Lesson Video Series, “Healing Infection Without Antibiotics”, Doug will take you on an empowering journey . . .

. . . Introducing you to powerful natural healing practices that you can apply immediately to treat ALMOST ANY INJURY to speed healing while avoiding inflammation and infection.

Learn to Confidentially Act In The Moment To Treat Injuries, Infections, & Wounds That Include:

  • Abscess
  • Burns
  • Cuts and Gashes
  • Dog Bites
  • Eye Infections & Wounds
  • Fluid Retention
  • Insect Bites
  • Pain and Inflammation
  • Puncture Wounds
  • Poison Ivy
  • Rashes
  • Splinters
  • Sprains
  • Staph Infections

And that’s just the beginning!

Unleash Infection-Fighting Compounds
Hundreds of Millions Of Years In The Making!

Plants have evolved over hundreds of millions of years with their own anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, and insecticidal compounds.

In a single herb, you can find between 200 and 2,000 different compounds working together!

So it only makes sense:

While it’s easy for bacteria to become immune to a single-compound antibiotic, it’s much harder for the same bacteria to outfox the HUNDREDS … even THOUSANDS … of more complex compounds found in herbs! 

That’s why ancient healing wisdom uses COMBINATIONS of multiple herbs to treat infection or injuries!

And that’s why in “Treating Infections Without Antibiotics,” Doug will start by introducing you to his 14 favorite combinations of herbals that he’s come to rely on over the decades . . .

. . . With combinations that promote healing without putting further burdens on the body like antibiotics!

Some you’ve probably already heard of, though I guarantee you haven’t seen them used like this.  Others may be new to you, but I promise, they are readily available in most of North America.  

Discover How To Keep Infections At Bay
With “Boundary Medicines”

Frightened by infections?

You won’t be after Doug empowers you to treat infections from both INSIDE and OUTSIDE the body.

He’ll introduce you to a category of herbals that he refers to as “Boundary Medicines”— for their ability to keep infections at bay.

This series of herbals, also called “immuno-stimulants,” has been proven highly effective for preventing and treating serious, short-term infections. 

Helping your body RESIST infection before it really takes hold! 

And supporting your immune system through the healing process.

Doug will show you how to use these herbals… how to ingest them… how to apply them to wounds as needed… and how long you can expect the healing process to take. 

Learn To Treat More Shocking Injuries . . .
Like Big Gashes, Cuts, Burns, and Sprains

Obviously, major trauma injuries from car accidents, major falls, etc. should be treated by trained medical professionals. 

But what happens when your spouse cuts their finger with a kitchen knife?

Or your daughter falls on a sharp stick in the yard and punctures her leg? 

You’ve been there . . . Someone you love, maybe you, has been hurt.

The injury isn’t life threatening . . . but it’s bad.   You’re on the fence about whether or not a visit to the emergency room is necessary.

This is where Doug’s training will help.

Watch this 90-minute video and . . .

  • YOU WILL NOT panic the next time you see injuries like a big gash in a leg, a cut hand, a sprained ankle, or even a broken finger.

  • YOU WILL NOT drive to the hospital in a mad rush. 

  • YOU WILL NOT waste between 3 and 6+ hours waiting helplessly in an emergency room, in pain, with infection setting in!

. . . Instead, You’ll Start Taking Action Right Away.

Because thanks to the training you’ll receive from Doug in this 10-lesson video series, you’ll finally know what to do! 

Why is it so easy to learn to treat these more minor injuries?

Because Doug’s teachings are both logical and simple.

And you don’t need a hospital full of supplies.

With just a handful of items, you can begin treating injuries like these right away:

BEFORE the infection takes hold!

For example . . .

These Ancient Techniques Have Been Used By Healers For Centuries!

Ancient medical records from around the world prove . . .

. . . Humans have been using poultices to heal wounds since at least 2,500 BC!

There is lots of evidence of their use in medical records from Egypt, China, India, and Mesopotamia, just to name a few!

And with good reason.

A poultice, prepared and applied correctly, can have an immediate healing impact on minor traumatic injuries like big gashes, cuts, sprains, bruises, and swelling!

They work because:

1) They cool and soothe the inflamed injured area.

2) They draw excess moisture from the skin.  (i.e. Reduce swelling)

3) And they draw out bacteria, toxins, and foreign objects – including infection – to reduce and prevent infection, and heal the areas!

But how do you make a poultice?

What works in a poultice and what doesn’t?  How do you apply it?  How do you know if a poultice is the RIGHT TREATMENT for a particular wound or injury?  Are you going to make things better or worse?

Doug will answer these questions and more in the EXCLUSIVE 10-lesson video series, “Healing Infections Without Antibiotics” that you’re getting here today.

Because after spending decades traveling the world, experimenting with a wide variety of poultices and herbal applications, Doug settled on a favorite that he’s used to heal a wide variety of traumatic injuries.

You won’t want to miss his big reveal!   

(I had a few of my friends watch this video in advance of release, and they all agreed—the lesson on poulticing ALONE is worth watching the video for.   Everything else is icing on the cake. Just this ONE LESSON could prevent a serious infection and save a life in a grid-down situation.)

Discover The #1 Wound Healing Technique Used By Ancient Cultures Around The World Since 2,500 BC

If you’ve ever been bitten by a brown recluse spider in your lifetime (even if you didn’t know it at the time), your body can become REINFECTED decades later.

Yup . . . that’s right.

In this video, Doug is going to explain how other health conditions can release poisons from an old spider bite . . .

. . . How you can recognize it, and how to treat it! 

(And avoid the severe and sometimes fatal reactions associated with brown recluse spider bites!)

Don’t be taken by surprise by snake and spider bites.
Knowing what actions to take in the moment could potentially save a life!

Tired Of Arrogant Doctors Talking Down To You? 
Well, Then You’ll Love This . . .

Pay attention . . . because I’m yelling from the rooftops . . .

. . . This video is PERFECT if you are ready to be a partner in your own health care!

What makes Doug really special . . . and I know you’re going to agree when you see this . . . is that he won’t make you feel “less than” as he shares these healing secrets with you. 

He talks to you like the smart, forward-thinking person that you are.

And he takes special care to highlight the simplicity of these healing methods.

Which makes them even easier to understand — and remember — so you can begin using them right away.

Yup . . . that’s right.

In this video, Doug is going to explain how other health conditions can release poisons from an old spider bite . . . 

. . . How you can recognize it, and how to treat it!

And You'll Get These 4 BONUS GIFTS

1)  "Top 25 Disaster Herbs" eBook

2)  "Increasing Herb Potency" Digital Video

3)  "Treating Wounds and Lacerations" Digital Video

4)  "Snakebite" eBook

Treating Wounds and Lacerations

Act now to get your copy of "Treating Infections Without Antibiotics" at a substantial discount!

3% of profits from all Grow Network products are donated to the “Earth Recovery Foundation” which is a non-profit organization that provides grants to backyard researchers working on issues critical to individual and family-scale sustainability.

You Get Peace of Mind RISK FREE For The Next 60 Days!

Pulling together this caliber of video training has been more of an ordeal than I’d ever have expected. 

However, I truly believe the financial risks and emotional stress of draining my savings to have this professionally filmed and edited have been worth it.

Because the final 10-lesson video series you are getting here today is truly priceless . . .

. . . In just over 2 hours, Doug will teach you how to potentially save lives in grid-down situations when antibiotics are no longer available, or we’ve hit the point when antibiotics don’t work anymore.

Plus, he’ll give you the skills to treat common injuries at home . . . instead of rushing to the hospital and risking exposure to secondary infections and disease!

Now of course, I’d love to give away this information for free . . . to all.

I do feel an urgent, moral obligation to spread it far and wide.

However, I also need to recover our costs . . . deliver on the promises I made to those who helped fund this project . . . and make sure Doug is fairly compensated.

Plus, of course, there are the costs of ongoing production and delivery.

But, I’ve realized that I need to be practical.

So, I'm making “Treating Infections Without Antibiotics” available to as many people as possible for a substantial discount:

$20 for online video access (digital-only access), a 73% SAVINGS!

Easily less than you’d pay for a single trip to the doctor and any prescription medication.  And you’re getting the skills you need for a lifetime of cures.

Plus, to sweeten the deal a little more, I’ll also give you:

A Special Gift Available to Everyone Who Watches This Video

Also included with your videos will be a very special audio recording: 

You see, during the filming of this powerful training video, Doug was chock FULL of stories about how he’d used these treatments to save lives and treat really traumatic injuries.

I found his examples really beneficial, deepening my understanding of the healing  he teaches in this video.

But reviewing the video footage, we both agreed:

Our goal was to empower you with skills.

Not overwhelm you with stories. ;-)

So we kept the video lean and easy-to-watch by focusing on teaching the skills.

And then, we used this follow up interview to share practical real-life examples of healings Doug has supported with these techniques.  (His stories!)

And this audio recording will ALSO be made available to you, today, along with the videos.

And You'll Get These 4 BONUS GIFTS

1)  "Top 25 Disaster Herbs" eBook

2)  "Increasing Herb Potency" Digital Video

3)  "Treating Wounds and Lacerations" Digital Video

4)  "Snakebite" eBook

100% Money Back Guarantee

I truly believe everyone needs these skills . . .

. . . So not only am I giving away the entire program for a discounted price, I’m also guaranteeing your satisfaction with a 100% money back guarantee.

You’ll have 60 days to watch the program and apply the skills.  If you’re not blown away by the caliber of the training provided, you can contact me for a complete refund, no questions asked.

Now It’s Time For You To Decide . . .

Now it’s time to decide: 

Will you continue to be held hostage by our modern medical system? 

And run to the doctor even when you *know* there must be easier, more natural healing alternatives available to you?

Or — will you empower yourself?

I truly hope, like me, you’ll decide to empower yourself with these priceless skills.

And prepare your family for the potential of a post-antibiotic world.

After all, how much is a life worth . . . ?

Act now to get your copy of "Treating Infections Without Antibiotics" at a substantial discount!

3% of profits from all Grow Network products are donated to the “Earth Recovery Foundation” which is a non-profit organization that provides grants to backyard researchers working on issues critical to individual and family-scale sustainability.

Marjory Wildcraft is the founder of the Grow Network, which is the online home of a global community of people who are producing their own food and medicine.  The purpose of the Grow Network is to stop the destruction of the Earth.  "Homegrown food on every table" is a solution. 

Marjory has been featured as an expert on sustainable living by National Geographic, she has hosted Mother Earth New’s “Online Homesteading Summit”, is a returning guest on many national radio and tv programs such as Coast to Coast AM.

She is also the author of several books, but is best known for her "Grow Your Own Groceries" video series, which is used by more than 500,000 homesteaders, survivalists, universities, and missionary organizations around the world.

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