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Growing My Groceries’ Groceries

I want to eat wholesome food. I think anyone who wants it ought to be able to eat wholesome food, but cost is a barrier for too many people. Like me. I wanted to eat the kind of food I could not afford to buy, so I started to grow my own. Sustainable gardening was […]

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Rabbit Nutrition and Feed Ingredients

[i4w_not_logged_in] Reflections on Rabbit Nutrition with a Special Emphasis on Feed Ingredients Utilization by Lebas F., 8th World Rabbit Congres Puebla Mexico   ABSTRACT In this invited communication the author proposes a list of nutritional recommendations for rabbits of different categories : growing from 18 to 42 days, from 42 to 80 days, for breeding […]

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How Much Land Do You Need?

[i4w_not_logged_in] You must be logged in to view this post >>> Login here to watch and listen to this video. Not a member yet? The purpose of the membership area is to help you to grow, prepare, and preserve your own food and medicine. [/i4w_not_logged_in] [i4w_is_logged_in] Having some realistic expectations on how much land it […]

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Home Remedy For Rabbits With Ear Mites

If you are going to raise rabbits, then eventually you’ll have the problem of ‘ear mites’.  It is pretty easy to diagnose; there is an ever growing build-up of gunk in their ears.  If left untreated, they get more and more lethargic, stop eating, and I am not sure what else because I’ve never let […]

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