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3 Types of Tarahumara Indian Corn and How They Are Used


3 Indian Corns with 3 Different Uses Marjory brought this video back from Mexico. Look at these 3 different corns – they’re beautiful! These are grown by the Tarahumara, off-grid, with goat manure fertilizer. Corn is super important to the Tarahumara – it’s one of their key staples. The Tarahumara are known as exceptional runners, […]

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The Barefoot Friendly Project; Transforming Harsh Land

If you are going to walk barefoot in Texas, you better be tough.  The entire State is determined to poke, stab, slash, burn, bite, and scratch you.  My daughter and I are both barefooters.  Yes, you’ve probably seen that in a few of the videos.  Being barefooters, we know every inch of our homestead with […]

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Top 5 Time Lapse Videos Of Plant Root Growth

OK, I spent way too much time on YouTube this weekend.  I’ve pulled out the top five, all-time best videos showing how roots grow.   This is you chance to peek into a world we normally don’t have any access.   Plus through the magic of technology you get to condense weeks into seconds (most […]

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Is “Re-Eating” Taking Recycling Too Far?

Five Spot, my older dog, plopped down heavily, watching while we worked with the poultry.  Farm Dog sat attentively by.  Cuteness!  Baby chicks, turkeys, and goslings all yellow and fuzzy.  “Peep, peep”.  You know its springtime. Our family has taken to raising a flock of meat chickens each year.  Its about a four or five […]

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90% Less Weeding And Never Buy Compost Again

The dump truck backed up “beep….   beep..   beep…” The drivers rarely ever get it in the right spot no matter how much staking, outlining, and directions they get.  It always resorts to arm waving and shouting over the huge noise of the powerful machine. You can almost see these guys when they were kids operating […]

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