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The Grow Network is the online home of a global network of people who are producing their own food and medicine. "Home Grown Food on Every Table" is our catalyzing statement. The purpose of our organization is to stop the destruction of the Earth. We offer information via our online blog, information products (physical and digital), and a membership area. Learn more at

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Bzzzzzzzzzzzzz... Homesteading Basics: Shave Your Long-Haired Dogs?

Marjory with Farm Dog

I have 2 livestock guardian dogs, and they are both Great Pyrenees-mixes. My dogs love their lifestyle. They don’t come in the house, ever, and quite frankly they don’t want to. They love being outside where they can watch for trouble and keep an eye on their flock. But still, they are very loving and when I go outside they follow me around, lean on me, and lay down at my feet.

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