Are you in the know? Or no? What is Your Antibiotics IQ?

What is Your Antibiotics IQ?

The Quickly Changing World of Antibiotics Well, if you haven't been following along about the state of antibiotic resistance in the world today... it's time to do your homework! The "superbugs" are here.  But don't let the media fool you - antibiotic resistance isn't about a handful of "superbugs."  Any bacteria can develop resistance to [...]

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Are you canning or eating fresh? Homesteading Basics: Determinate vs Indeterminate Tomatoes

Growing tomatoes for beginning farmers

Which Should You Choose? If you've ever decided to grow  your own tomatoes, then this is a dilemma that you're probably familiar with - determinate vs indeterminate. We've all been there - standing in our local nursery or flipping through the pages of our favorite seed catalog.  There is a long and wonderful description of [...]

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Your dinosaur did what?? Free eBook for Kids

My Dinosaur Ate My Broccoli Samples

Free eBook Giveaway for a Limited Time Stacey Murphy is the founder of BK Farmyards, a Brooklyn group that is cultivating urban agriculture by operating backyard farms, CSA programs, urban beehives, and farmer training courses. One outreach of BK Farmyards is their support of The Youth Farm.  This is an educational production farm in Brooklyn [...]

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Finding fungus in the forest Mushroom Hunting for Food and Fun

Wild mushrooms

Amateur Mushroom Hunting Mushroom hunting is a time honored tradition that goes back hundreds of years or more in many cultures around the world.  Wild mushrooms are a source of nutrition, medicine, and fun for many people... but they have a certain stigma because some wild mushrooms are poisonous. Identifying wild mushrooms can be a [...]

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Tasty, Medicinal Fungus Growing Mushrooms on Logs

Growing shiitake mushrooms on logs

The Medicinal Magic of Mushrooms Everybody knows that some mushrooms are edible. But not everybody knows that some mushrooms are medicinal... And even fewer people know that mushrooms can be used to clean up industrial pollution. Back in February, we went to the Mother Earth News Fair, and one of the best talks I saw [...]

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