Cancel Lab Access

Marjory in garden holding veggies 320x289Oh dear!  You are about to cancel your membership.  We sure are sorry to see you go.

Of course, we understand.  We know that life brings changes in your budget and your priorities.  Please be aware that if you cancel your membership, you will lose all the honor points and emblems you’ve earned.  For privacy and security, we will delete your entire account when you cancel your subscription.

If you want to keep your data and your achievements in the Grow Network Honors Lab, then choose from the following options and continue to grow with us:

Click here to return to the Homepage
Click here to view available Training Expeditions
Click here to view our library of Premium eBooks

If you are certain that you want to cancel your membership and delete your account, please provide your first and last name, along with your zip code by sending us an email here: Terminate Membership.  We will miss you!

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