Garlic: Your First Home Medicine

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It'll show you how to take the first step in reducing your antibiotic dependence by learning how to use GARLIC to fight illness and infection! And grow it yourself--so you’ve always got a potent supply on hand.

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"Garlic: Your First Home Medicine"

This 18-page report is filled with EASY kitchen remedies for common colds, flus, sore throats, ear infections, and more. Learn to boost your immunity--before you get sick!

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"Secrets For Growing Great Garlic"

Watch this video to discover:

  • The BEST time of year to plant garlic.
  • 21 varieties of heirloom garlic–with recommended favorites.
  • Choosing the best garlic varieties for your growing zone.
  • Tips for successful planting.
  • How to tell when your garlic is ready to harvest.
  • Growing garlic in the winter.

Plus much more!

Now, EXPAND your Herbal Medicine Skills:

"How To Make And Use Your Own Herbal Medicines"

FREE 4-Part Video Training Reveals . . .

How to take care of 95% of your common healthcare needs, at home, safely, with medicines you make yourself in your kitchen.

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