Strong and Sexy
Strong and Sexy Herbal Infusions

Recommendations for making herbal infusions

1. Use the highest quality water available to you.
2. We recommend using one nutritive herb at a time. Do not mix them.
3. We recommend using only one flavor enhancer at a time.
4. We suggest using 1 tsp. of licorice, or 1/8 tsp. of stevia, or a pinch of hibiscus as a starting point for the flavor enhancers. But, feel free to adjust to your taste. Use caution with the stevia. It is very strong!
5. Infusions are best started at night as they need to steep for a minimum of 8 hours. The process of going from very hot to cool is what extracts the nutrients.
6. You can store a strained infusion in the fridge for most of the day, but discard any infusions you didn’t drink after 24 hours.
7. Nettle leaf infusions can be very energizing and it is recommended to drink those in the morning. You may even find that you don’t need coffee anymore!
8. Be sure to login to your account and watch the instruction video to get the full details on making herbal infusions.

How to make Strong & Sexy Herbal Infusions

Step 1: In the evening, before you brush your teeth,start boiling water in your tea kettle.

Step 2: Take a heaping cup of a Strong & Sexy Nutritional Herb and put it in a quart sized mason jar. You can measure out exactly one ounce or just eyeball it and fill your jar approx. 1/3 full.

Step 3: By the time your teeth are clean the water will be boiling.
Pour the just-boiled water into the mason jar over the Strong & Sexy Herbs, filling the jar to the top. Stir briefly and cover lightly.Let sit overnight.
Going from hot to cool is what extracts the nutrients from the herbs.

Step 4: In the morning strain off the liquid into another jar
or drinking glass. You will really be able to see the density of
nutrients that are naturally balanced and highly bioavailable.
Don’t forget to toss the herb remnants in your compost pile!

Step 5: Drink and enjoy this rich, nourishing infusion 5 to 6 times per week. Within a few weeks you will start to feel Strong & Sexy!

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