Presenter Application HMS 2020

We are so pleased that you have decided to apply to become a presenter at one of our online summits!

Our application process is highly competitive and we have more applicants than we can accept for each summit. In order to help us select the right applicants for each summit we have broken our application process down into three parts: Preliminary Presenter Selection, Presenter Content Contest, and Final Presenter Selection.

When you complete the application below you will have completed your part of the Preliminary Presenter Selection Process. Please note that you must fill out the entire application below exactly as requested in order for it to be considered.

What is the Home Medicine Summit?

The Home Medicine Summit is an online conference featuring the worlds thought leaders, best-selling authors, and leading research organizations dedicated to home medicine. The Summit focuses on practical 'how to' methods for producing, preparing, or preserving your own medicine to take care of yourself or your family. We are a solutions based organization with the catalyzing statement of Home Grown Food On Every Table.

Typical attendance is over 100,000 viewers.  Sponsors of the event have included The American Botanical Council, The American Herbalists Guild, The American Prepper Network, The Livestock Conservancy, and The Seed Savers Exchange. 

The summit is limited to 40 presentations.  Each presentation is between 30 to 60 minutes long. The event airs for free for a week from Nov. 9th to Nov. 16th, 2020. 

Why Should You Present?

As a presenter you get three main benefits:

  1. 1
    Huge exposure and publicity for your brand!
  2. 2
    On your presentation page you get to have a big 250x300 button / banner that leads to your website where you can offer a free thing for people to download (and you can collect emails), or sell your books or other products.
  3. 3
    The Summit is free, but the presentations are bundled up and offered to viewers as a package to purchase. As you promote the Summit to your community you'll receive a 50% commission on any purchases made by your referrals.

"Marjory and the team are really professional, they're fair and I sure have a lot of fun working with them. The exposure that I've gotten in sales and increasing my lists has been fantastic... " 

Lynn Gillepsie

2019 HMS Presenter

"The day after the presentation, I sold 400 books. I like being friends with Marjory... We have very good sales, increased enrollments in our herbal medicine school. My email list has grown remarkably because of it. It's been a tremendous vehicle for us to get exposure, to get our message out...."

Dr. Patrick Jones

Suggested HMS Topics

Each presentation needs to be a 30-60 minute video that the presenter creates focusing on a specific topic to empower more people to make and use medicine at home. Here is a list of topics we are interested in for 2020:

(and we are open to other topics if you have a good one!) 

Promotional Requirements

Our primary selection criteria is do your values align with the mission and purpose of The Grow Network (check the About Us page to learn about our values).   

Our second criteria is the quality and usefulness of your content.  The Summit works because the willingness of all presenters to promote the Summit to their respective communities.   

We do not select presenters based solely on the size of their audiences and willingness to promote, but it is a factor.   

All presenters will be required to promote the summit to their online communities (email list, FB following, Pinterest, YT, Instagram, etc.).  Including at least three dedicated emails to you email list.   

​Interested in presenting? Apply by June 30, 2020! This deadline is the deadline to submit an application to become a presenter – it is not the presentation deadline.

​We will let you know within 5-7 business days if your application has been approved and what steps to take next. Thanks for applying!

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