Lynn Gillespie – Setting Up Your Greenhouse For Success

Lynn Gillespie – Setting Up Your Greenhouse For Success

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Big Ideas & Takeaways:

  • How a greenhouse can help you control the climate and increase your success.
  • Create the soil that will help your plants live up to their full genetic potential.
  • Layout your building to get the most from your premium greenhouse space.
  • How to control disease and insects organically in your greenhouse.
  • Learn the 3 crop timing skills to provide more variety and food for your family all year round.


About the Speaker:

Lynn Gillespie is a 3rd generation organic farmer who has been developing her organic High Performance Garden style for decades.  She and her family make their home on their 210 acre organic farm, The Living Farm in Paonia, Colorado. Over the last 30 years she has grown organic fruits and vegetables for her community in her 5 greenhouses and 11,000 sq. ft of outdoor gardens.  She also raises sheep which provide milk, wool and joy to the farm.

The Living Farm also has an Educational Outreach Program which provides organic gardening education around the world.  This program includes a free 33 week online High Performance Gardening Show, several courses and series which teach practical and fun gardening skills.  Lynn also writes for several publications on family food production and does workshops on High Performance organic gardening.

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