Justin Rohner – How To Automate And Optimize Your Irrigation

Justin Rohner – How To Automate And Optimize Your Irrigation

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Big Ideas & Takeaways: 

  • How to setup an automatic watering system for your garden.
  • Spray, Drip, or Flood, which is the best watering system for you?
  • Irrigation Design: 4 Keys to Success.
  • Tips and tricks for the easiest irrigation installation.
  • How to know how long to water your plants.


About the Speaker:

Justin Rohner, has been helping people around the world grow their own healthy, fresh foods at home for more than 25 years.  He is the founder of Agriscaping Technologies which brings together the best of ornamental landscaping and productive agriculture.

Justin was named one of Arizona’s Top 35 Entrepreneurs under 35 by The Republic and AZCentral.com for his work improving local healthy food access & sustainability.  Justin’s failing health in his late 20’s motivated a major lifestyle shift which directly lead him to grow his own health from the ground up!

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