John Livingston – Chicken Sales Mini Business

John Livingston – Chicken Sales Mini Business

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Big Ideas & Takeaways:  

  • How to setup and run a successful side business selling laying hens.
  • Cost and profit breakdowns on a backyard chicken business.
  • How to decide which chicken breeds sell best.
  • Get specifics on how to raise chicks to laying hens for sale; licensing, infrastructure, feed, and predator protection.
  • Learn about tax write-offs associated with the business of flipping chickens.
  • The best form of marketing for selling laying hens.


About the Speaker:

John Livingston’s day job is accounting, but he has created an awesome little side business selling laying hens to his local community.  In many areas, there is a niche for small producers to raise chicks to laying age.  John is known as “The Chicken Guy” and he shares all the details of the dollars, cents, nuts & bolts, and joys of successfully operating a side business “flippin’ chickens”.

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