Writing Contest Rules and Prizes

Writing Contest Prizes

Winners will be selected by Marjory Wildcraft and the [Grow] Network editorial staff. Winners will be chosen for the Fall 2015 Writing Contest on November 21st, 2015.

We have over $2,097 in prizes lined up for the current writing contest, with more to come. Here is a list of the current pot of prizes:

– A 21.5 quart pressure canner from All American, a $382 value
– A Survival Still emergency water purification still, a $288 value
– 1 free 1 year membership in the [Grow] Network Core Community, a $239 value
– A Worm Factory 360 vermicomposting system from Nature’s Footprint, a $128 value
– 2 large heirloom seed collections from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, valued at $103 each
– A Metro-Grower Elite sub-irrigation growing container from Nature’s Footprint, a $69 value
– 2 copies of the complete Home Grown Food Summit, valued at $67 each
– 3 free 3 month memberships in the [Grow] Network Core Community, valued at $59 each
– 4 copies of the Grow Your Own Groceries DVD video set, valued at $43 each
– A Bug Out Seed Kit from the Sustainable Seed Company, a $46 value
– 4 copies of the Alternatives To Dentists DVD video, valued at $33 each
– 4 copies of the Greenhouse of the Future DVD and eBook, valued at $31 each


Writing Contest Rules

Articles may be submitted with or without photographs. Photographs are highly encouraged.

All entries must be original works, including any photographs or videos submitted with the entry.

You can enter on any topic related to producing, preparing, or preserving your own food or medicine. Topics should be of interest and valuable to the [Grow] Network community members.

There is no word length requirement. Longer and more detailed articles are certainly acceptable, if the length helps to convey important information.

Information should be presented in a concise, clear, and simple way.

The [Grow] Network reserves the right to edit entries for length, grammar, spelling, and punctuation; and to edit out any portions that are off topic. We reserve the right to reject entries that we deem not to be appropriate or useful.

Please don’t submit entries that are promotional. Promotional entries will not be accepted.

You can submit as many entries as you like.

Entries may be entered under pseudonyms. When you submit your entry we will collect limited personal information, which will be kept private. We will only publish a name if you ask us to, and you can specify any name or pseudonym that you want to use.

Original Content

You must submit only your own work. This includes writing, photographs, artwork, and videos. Brief quotes from other works are acceptable, provided that quotation marks are used and full attribution to the original author is given. Plagiarism will not be tolerated and is grounds for an entry to be rejected and disqualified from judging.

Copyright Ownership

When an entry has been posted at GrowYourOwnGroceries.org, the copyright belongs to GrowYourOwnGroceries.org. Similarly, if you have already submitted an article elsewhere, then the copyright is owned elsewhere. Do not submit entries to GrowYourOwnGroceries.org that have already been submitted elsewhere unless you own (or have regained) the full copyright and you have the permission of any third parties involved.


[Grow] Network sponsors, advertisers, prize donors, contractors, staff, and families of these parties are not eligible for this contest. Promotional entries are not eligible for this contest.

Enter the Contest

Do you know a tip or trick to share with other gardeners and homesteaders? Do you have a touching personal story about something you learned while gardening, farming or homesteading? If so, share it with the group! Lots of our best entries are simple techniques and short personal stories.

After you’ve reviewed the rules and eligibility, submit your contest entry here – Enter Writing Contest.

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