Mike Adams – Biosludge Exposed

Mike Adams
Biosludge Exposed

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Big Ideas & Takeaways:

  • You’ll be shocked to learn of this toxic waste that found in many commonly sold compost and fertilizers.
  • Discover the chemical marker to look out for that indicates your yard has been biosludged!
  • Learn what to do if you suspect your gardening soil or yard has been contaminated.

About the Speaker:

The Natural News is a science-based natural health advocacy organization led by activist-turned-scientist Mike Adams, the Health Ranger.

The key mission of Natural News is to empower consumers with factual information about the synthetic chemicals, heavy metals, hormone disruptors and other chemicals found in foods, medicines, personal care products, children’s toys and other items.

Natural News covers holistic health, nutritional therapies, consciousness and spirituality, permaculture , organics, animal rights, environmental health, food and superfoods , and performance nutrition.

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