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Deer in the Spotlight
date_range March 21, 2015
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My first experience with the ever-present deer in my new home was the decimation of my beautiful hosta plants.  After they were planted, the deer ate
Easy and Natural Home Cleaning
date_range March 13, 2015
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Natural Home Cleaning with Simple Ingredients from Your Pantry Maybe you can relate to this: I love a clean home but I hate cleaning house. Okay, it's
Removing Chlorine from Municipal Water
date_range March 04, 2015
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Two recent articles on growyourowngroceries.org have mentioned a method for removing chlorine from water that unfortunately won't work for many peopl
8 Uses for Wood Ash
date_range December 11, 2014
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I have discovered several ways to use wood ash. 1. You can make a dustbath area in the henhouse for the hens. They love it and it keeps the mites off
Making Vinegar
date_range September 26, 2014
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If you're starting from scratch and not using a culture to speed the fermentation of alcohol into vinegar, your best bet is to start with an ingredien