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12 ‘Olde Tyme’ Garden Myths – Fact or Fiction
date_range September 15, 2015
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Ask most any gardener where they acquired their love of plants, and most will talk to you about their parents, grandparents, or maybe even their old g
Extreme Weather and Food Resilience, for Home Growers
Tasha Gr..
date_range August 24, 2015
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A joint task force of experts from the UK and US have recently released recommendations for Extreme Weather and Resilience of the Global Food Syst
Does the Moon Really Matter at Planting Time?
date_range July 27, 2015
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What is a Myth? My dictionary defines a myth as "an exaggerated or idealized conception of a person or thing." To me, myths are those scary things tha
How Much Food Can You Grow in a 26 Inch Space?
date_range July 05, 2015
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We get a lot of questions and comments from people who want to grow their own food, but have limited space to garden. Today I want to show you an exci
How a Tiny Crystal Can Save You Time, Money, and Effort in Your Garden
date_range May 05, 2015
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Those of us involved in gardening for a while are likely familiar with water-absorbing polymers. They're the crystals used in diapers, and in many pla