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DIY Potting Soil Recipe Using 3 Simple Ingredients
David Th..
date_range April 26, 2021
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Homemade potting soil with just three ingredients? You bet! Here's an organic potting soil recipe that your container gardens and potted plants will l
Fertilize Container Gardens: 4 Steps to Success
Michael ..
date_range April 22, 2021
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This beginner-friendly guide to fertilizing container gardens explores the how and when of feeding your potted herbs and vegetables.
8 Genius Uses for Buckets on the Homestead
Brian Mo..
date_range May 10, 2018
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Learn 8 genius uses for buckets -- the absolute best tool on the homestead!
Apartment Gardening: Reaping Abundance in a Small Space
date_range October 26, 2017
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Whether you want to reap an abundant harvest in a small space or extend your growing season with indoor gardening, this fifth article in the Apartment
Balcony Gardening – Big Food Production in Small Spaces
David Th..
date_range March 21, 2016
view_list Containe..
Balcony Gardening Basics If you're balcony gardening, you may be feeling sorry for yourself. Don't! View it as an exciting challenge instead. In my