Can you fix a hose?  Win $500 In Combined Prizes By Entering The Grow Network DIY Hose Repair Contest

You’ve seent he video about how Marjory is alwyas running over hoses….  have you got a great way to fix them?  Either make a short YoutTube video and send us the link.  Or you could write an article with lots of photos.  There will be one winner who will receive a prize packages with a combined value of more than $500

Winner’s Prize:

  1. a $250 gift card from Tractor Supply
  2. a full year subscription to Mother Earth News Magazine
  3.  a full year subscription toe Grit Magazine
  4. a full year subscription in the Grow Networks Honor’s Lab (with full privileges)

Purpose of the Contest:

Marjory needs help!  With that new lawn mower she is constantly running over – and cutting up – hoses!   Marjory is looking for an easy way to repair those hoses.

Authenticity and real ‘dirt time’ are what we value.  Post only things you have tried yourself or actually seen done successfully.  We don’t want entries suggesting that it “might work”, or “should work.” or “I heard about this in a permaculture course”.

The greater [Grow] community will be encouraged to vote on the contest entries.  The collective rankings have a significant impact on choosing the winners of the contest.  But more importantly, the rankings will help all future users of the site to select the most useful information.

Entry Contest Rules:

THe best way to enter is to make a short YouTUbe video of you demonstrating how you repair hoses.

Articles (with or without photos) may be submitted, but photos will probably be very helpful.

To be eligible, an entry must be an original work.

Information that is presented in a concise, clear, and simple way is preferred.

We reserve the right to edit entries for length, grammar, spelling, punctuation and to edit out any portions that are off-topic.  We reserve the right to reject posts that we deem are not appropriate or not useful.

Tips:  80% of the perception of a video is the audio quality.  Try to make sure you’ve got good sound with your recording.  If you are entering an article, be sure to edit your articles before submitting.  Have a friend review it to catch any typos, grammar problems.  A really good title helps tremendously.

Original content and copy write ownership: 

You must submit only your own original work (this includes writing, photos, and video). Brief quotes from other works are acceptable, but only if quotation marks are used, and full attribution to the original author is given.  Plagiarism will be not be tolerated and is grounds to have your submission removed and disqualified from the judging.

All entries must be original works and the copyright will become the property of the Grow Network Inc.

Once your entry has been posted at, the copyright belongs to The Grow Network Inc.  Similarly, if you’ve already submitted an article elsewhere, then do NOT submit it to unless you own (or have regained) full copyright and have the permission of any third party site(s).

Entries may be entered under pseudonyms.  In the form for entering submission we will collect your personal information, but will keep that private and will only publish the name you enter into the special field for publication.


Grow Network Inc. sponsors, advertisers, prize donors, editors, and families of staff members are not eligible for the contest.

You can submit as many entries as you like.

Submit your entries using this form contribute here


Marjory Wildcraft