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Are You Prepared? Do the Obvious!

Here in Oklahoma, and many parts of the Midwest, we had a glorious warm fall. Temperatures reached into the 70s each week and dipped only to lows in the mid 30s for the most part. We celebrated Christmas on Monday the 27th, waiting for my grandson to come be with us. It was a delightful […]

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Create an Inexpensive Orchard with Bare Root Fruit Trees

Bare root trees are young trees that are removed from the soil during their winter dormancy, so that the trees’ roots are exposed. This is done to make packaging and shipping easier and cheaper, and it’s a popular way to market fruit trees like apples, pears, peaches, plums, cherries, figs, pomegranates, and various nuts and […]

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The 12 Days Before Christmas in a Mason Jar

Pass the 12 days before Christmas with these 12 sugar- & chocolate-free ideas. There are all kinds of advent calendar ideas out there, from simply pinning a dozen envelopes onto your wall to making a mobile of hanging planters, from stringing your own merry bundle of bags across your Christmas tree to creating a festive […]

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A Cheap and Easy Way to Extend Your Growing Season

Want to eat fresh home grown greens all winter long? This video shows a cheap and easy method for extending your growing season into the winter months. This simple structure is a low tunnel. Low tunnels are called by different names in different regions. I’ve heard them referred to as a hoop houses, cloches, and […]

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Free eBook – Ideas for a Permacultural Greenhouse

You might remember back in March we shared some articles with you about our friend Francis Gendron, the Canadian Permaculture Designer who built the Greenhouse of the Future. This was a self-sufficient greenhouse capable of maintaining a warm growing environment straight through the harsh Canadian winters, without using any electricity from the grid. Francis makes […]

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Saving Heat in a Small Winter Hoop House

Once again I had no intention to compete in this quarter’s writing contest, but the article from the Mad Scientist (Russell) about his Greenhouse has got me interested in sharing my experiences with inexpensive hoop houses. Russell’s greenhouse looks more expensive than what I can justify, as my focus is on sharing information about survival […]

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