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Free eBook – Ideas for a Permacultural Greenhouse

You might remember back in March we shared some articles with you about our friend Francis Gendron, the Canadian Permaculture Designer who built the Greenhouse of the Future. This was a self-sufficient greenhouse capable of maintaining a warm growing environment straight through the harsh Canadian winters, without using any electricity from the grid. Francis makes […]

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The Advanced Tree Rat Defense System

Tree rats. Otherwise known as squirrels. When I began gardening ten years ago, those little monsters, while cute, became the bane of my existence. Let me explain why. I was attempting to grow some corn for my family because we all love corn on the cob. I don’t have a lot of space, so every […]

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Thinking Outside the Box, Inside the Greenhouse

Most of us are familiar with the expression about learning to think outside the box, a metaphor for using creative or unconventional thinking in problem solving. Having spent 20 years working as an engineer, then a sculptor, then a poet, and then an engineer once again, I have become comfortable with this type of thought […]

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(video) Rocket Mass Heaters and Stoves With Paul Wheaton

The absurdly efficient, ridiculously cheap, surprisingly comfortable way to heat your home.   Check out this video where I met up with Paul Wheaton at his permaculture center in Montana.   That place gets cold!  So if anyone know about heating and staying warm – it must be Paul.   Paul is doing a Kick […]

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Food, Water, and Shelter for Everyone, No Matter What Happens

I learned a lot of important things during my four month course at the Earthship Academy in New Mexico. The most important thing I learned came directly from Earthship inventor Michael Reynolds himself: the importance of building a safe future for the next generation. As “powerful” and “advanced” as today’s society is, it still remains […]

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Is “Re-Eating” Taking Recycling Too Far?

Five Spot, my older dog, plopped down heavily, watching while we worked with the poultry.  Farm Dog sat attentively by.  Cuteness!  Baby chicks, turkeys, and goslings all yellow and fuzzy.  “Peep, peep”.  You know its springtime. Our family has taken to raising a flock of meat chickens each year.  Its about a four or five […]

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