World Domination Gardening Video Set by Paul Wheaton

Paul Wheaton is the creator and tyrannical ruler of the largest permaculture forum on the internet, at Permies.com. He is an Advanced Certified Master Gardener, a permaculture design guru, a farmer, and a community leader. Paul has been referred to as the “bad boy of permaculture” many times, and you are hereby warned that he has no problem using the full spectrum of the English language.

Paul recently gave a 3 day workshop on permaculture design, and he recorded the whole thing. The workshop covers the earthworks for building a pond without a liner, a swale, and a hugelkultur bed on a terrace. The entire project takes place on a large uncultivated hillside. You follow along as one of the attendees, watching the design process play out as Paul observes the hillside landscape and teaches about air flow, water drainage, plant selection, bed design, and more. Paul compiled the workshop video into a 3 DVD set called “World Domination Gardening.” Watch the trailer here:

We have Paul’s permission to sell these videos to you as downloadable content for the low price of $45.00. For this price, you get all of the videos from the 3 DVD set, all downloaded to watch at home on your computer. And because there are no physical DVDs, there is no shipping cost.

Video 1 – Sealing a Pond Without a Liner
Video 2 – Ditches and Swales
Video 3 – Hugelkultur and Terracing

Watch and learn, as Paul demonstrates the principles that can transform a barren hillside into a productive permaculture oasis. As an added bonus, Video 3 includes a lengthy interview with Geoff Lawton, the “Crown Prince of Permaculture.”


Click Here to Buy the “World Domination Gardening” Video Series as Downloadable Content (No Physical DVDs)

Here is what is included in the videos:

– On-site footage and classroom footage from the original workshop
– A reproduction of the workshop, demonstrating the same principles applied in a colder climate
– Interviews and evaluations with leading permaculture experts, including Geoff Lawton, the “Crown Prince of Permaculture”
– How to grow a lemon tree, outdoors, in Montana
– A one-year-later return to the original project site to observe and evaluate the outcomes
– 6 hours and 45 minutes of video

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