How To Make A Safe And Effective Homemade Pain Killer 
From A Common “Weed”

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Do you find yourself reaching for one of those over-the-counter pain or relaxant medications too often?

And worry about what these chemically derived pills could be doing to your body?

People world-wide spend millions each year on OTC drugs to help with mild aches, pains, insomnia, and other common ailments . . .

But, way before "big-pharma" took over with their billion-dollar monopolies, our ancestors relied on common plants that provide natural relief that is as good as, and in many cases much safer, than anything you can find in your local drugstore today.

And, I’d like to introduce you to this age-old herb that can replace many of those “branded” drugs you likely have in your medicine cabinet right now. 

It's so powerful, it's frequently compared to opioids in its ability to help with pains, but poses none of the risks that are so common with many "doctor-approved" medications. 

My 38-page eBook on Wild Lettuce is packed to the brim with the deep history, broad-ranging benefits, and simple guidance on how to find, grow, and properly prepare this herb as a valuable addition in your herbal medicine kit.

With my eBook you'll gain a thorough understanding of:

  • The "wild" history of Wild Lettuce
  • The science behind what makes this herb so effective
  • The many medicinal uses this plant offers
  • How to correctly identify and wildcraft this herb - Plus, how to easily grow it yourself, too
  • How NOT to used this special plant and other precautions you should keep in mind for best results
  • And, proper dosing for the most common needs

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