What Can You Do to Attract Beneficial Bugs?

ladybug-on-grassBeneficial Insects in the Yard & Garden

We have been noticing lots of wasps around the property, as temperatures have started to come back up this spring.  We’re always happy to see the slow, docile red wasps.  But for the past few years we’ve been looking for ways to encourage the paper wasps to nest out on the property, away from our sitting areas.

While we were looking into habitats for bees and wasps, we came across this nice overview of beneficial insects from the University of Nebraska Extension.  The document they built has some basic information about beneficial bugs.  What we really like is the pictures – there are closeup photographs of many of the beneficials you’re likely to meet out in the garden.  Learn what each of these bugs looks like so that you can encourage them when you see them, and stop others from squashing them!

Ladybugs, lacewings, assassin bugs, and of course the praying mantis – they’re all here with nice photos and a brief description.  Thanks UNL for sharing these great photos.

Click here to download the original PDF – Beneficial Insects in the Yard & Garden

Sarah Mack


University of Nebraska – Lincoln
Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources

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