Honors Lab Welcome Call Form

Example Script

Hi (first name)! I'm (my name), a volunteer on the Grow Network Welcome Team - and I'm calling to welcome you to the community!

How are you doing today?

I'm curious about what motivated you to sign up for the honors lab. Was it one of the certifications?

Oh (first name), that's awesome! I (enjoyed that one OR haven't gotten to that one yet, but am excited to get to it soon).

Which certification do you want to do next after you complete "X"?

Did you know about the TGN forum? It gives a welcome home to many fascinating & knowledgeable people from around the world where we enjoy talking about real food, holistic medicine & *much* more. Many have become great friends & have stated how comfortable they feel there - like family.

I am always astounded at the knowledge & respect that is shown on the forum. It's a rare thing nowadays.

I'd encourage you to join there as well! You can either tag me in your first post or send me a pm if you wish to let me know you found it.

My name on there is (screen name). I make myself available to all forum members should they have a concern, or wish to chat.

*Now, if you ever have any questions that relate to customer service issues, please don't hesitate to contact Nikki at happiness@thegrownetwork.com.*

Again, I just wanted to say "welcome" to TGN. I am glad to see that you are being proactive by learning about backyard food production & herbal medicine. We're glad to have you!